The first pictures of Ian Beale returning to 'EastEnders' as a tramp have emerged.

Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, will be found sleeping rough under a motorway underpass after going missing for several weeks on his calamitous wedding day - when his bride-to-be Mandy Salter walked out on him.

Roughed up: Ian Beale's return to EastEnders (Copyright: BBC)

It emerges that Ian disappeared after suffering a mental breakdown.

Beale was last seen on the show walking down the hard shoulder of a busy road in his pyjamas.

But after weeks of lying to friends and family over fears that her brother Bobby will be taken into care, Beale's daughter Lucy reveals that he has gone missing.

He'll then be found by Tanya and Max.

"It's a real transformation. His family will be horrified," said a source on the show.

Soap fans will see Ian Beale return to 'EastEnders' as a tramp next month.
[The Sun]

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