Home and Away star asked to be axed over clash with Melissa George – Daily TV round-up

Dieter Brummer reportedly wanted to be written out because he didn't enjoy working with the actress

Former 'Home and Away' actor Dieter Brummer reportedly asked the show to axe him because of off-screen tension with his co-star Melissa George.

Brummer... didn't get on with co-star George off-screen (Copyright: WENN)

Brummer, who played Shane opposite George's character Angel Parrish, told Australian magazine Woman's Day that the on-screen romance was not echoed when the cameras were switched off.

“We may have been love interests on the show but the chemistry was far from real!” he said.

“Mel was incredibly ambitious right from the outset. I think she wanted to be the next Kylie Minogue. She was a big fan and she aspired to be a big star just like Kylie. I don't think she had much time for the cast of 'Home and Away'.”

Brummer's character Shane died of blood poisoning in 1996, after which George embarked on a Hollywood career.

She's since appeared in 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Alias' and recently the BBC's 'Hunted', as well as film roles in 'Mulholland Drive' and '30 Days of Night'.

The remarks came after George reportedly had a 'meltdown' when hosts on Channel 7's 'The Morning Show' in Australia began referencing her early work on the soap.

It was claimed by the Herald Sun that she said mentioning the show was 'offensive' considering her current status and threatened to walk out of the interview.

Brummer said that her alleged rant was 'unnecessary and a bit ridiculous - but then that's Mel'.

It was recently revealed that 'Hunted' is not to be renewed for a second series on the BBC. [Digital Spy]

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