Hollyoaks: Tragedy for baby Katie

01 April 2014: In Tuesday's 'Hollyoaks' Sinead remains trapped inside the car, as Leela tries to keep her calm and do her best to make things easier for the fire service to free her. Sinead clearly doesn't care about her own health right now though, and like any parent, she just wants to get to her daughter's side at the hospital.

Fraser dumps the drugs in a lay-by and storms round to the restaurant, locking the door behind him and making a beeline straight for a visibly terrified Ste. He tells him that he has one chance to redeem himself and to make this whole thing go away: torch the car and make it look as though it had been stolen. He then drags Tegan in to his mess, coercing her in to covering for him, providing a much needed alibi when he claims that his car was stolen and that it wasn't him driving. Tegan tells Fraser "if you're lying, I'll retract my statement" to which he quickly turns on the charm to reply "I wouldn't lie to you!" - Sure, Fraser... sure.

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Dennis tries hitting on Blessing, but ends up talking more about the mould and damp in the flat than he does about his feelings for her! Dodger intervenes and tries to help, but it looks as though Blessing might be falling for the wrong brother.

When Sinead finally gets to the hospital, the scenes are tragically heartbreaking as Freddie delivers the news that baby Katie has passed away. The rest of this scene is played out in silence as we see an inconsolable Sinead break down in Freddie's arms as he tries his best to comfort her.

Lindsey explains that the increased levels of sodium in Katie's body lead to kidney failure and that her heart couldn't cope. Sinead has insisted that there was something wrong with her daughter all along, yet the finger of blame is still being pointed at her, even as she grieves. She tells Lindsey and Freddie that she wants to see her daughter one last time, and that she never should have been made to leave her side. Stephanie Davis is completely captivating in these scenes as she acts out what can only be described as every mother's worst nightmare.

The episode comes to a frustrating and emotional close, with Diane confronting Sinead. She is convinced that she is the one responsible for what has happened, and goes as far as calling her own daughter a murderer. I sincerely hope that Diane is proved wrong and that she finally gets her comeuppance. If nothing else she should certainly win an award for most unsupportive mother of the year!

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