Hollyoaks: Ste deals with life as part of a family and Maxine falls ill after her secret abortion

25 October 2013: Friday's 'Hollyoaks' kicks off with drama at the Lomax house when Leela (the superbly feisty, if a little spoiled) daughter of Danny kicks off at Ste and clearly resents the fact that her father has lied to her for all these years and kept their brother a secret. She may have the attitude from hell but I am really warming to Leela as one of 'Hollyoaks' best new additions of recent times. Her snarky comment about Ste being on Jeremy Kyle made me laugh!

The Vincent and Phoebe storyline has always been one of my least favourites. It verges on the unbelievable and for some reason these two characters just don't connect with me and I'm honestly not all that bothered if Phoebe and Vincent stay friends or about their 'relationship' woes. It is clear that Vincent is definitely gay and I think I would rather see the writers focus on the tension between George and Vincent, rather than repeatedly dragging up this old storyline.

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Ruby and Ziggy's impromptu tomato ketchup and bottled water fight in 'The Dog' was a really nice way of showing that these two obviously still have feelings for one another. Ruby clearly wasn't going to sit back and let Ziggy make a fool over her, proving that she's much more capable of handling their relationship than the over protective and jealous Frankie seems to think.

Dodger is hurting after learning that Maxine aborted their baby without even telling him. Is it just me who still thinks that Dodger and Maine make a brilliant couple? The romantic tension between them is evident throughout their entire conversation on the doorstep of the flat and as Maxine gets herself deeper into trouble with a clearly unstable Patrick, I think she may come to regret not staying with his younger, arguably fitter son!

Ste accompanies his new family to the hospital to see Tegan and the two bond over Tegan's inability to bond with her daughter. Ste's advice to her is excellent and it's great to see just how well he seems to be adjusting to having the family he clearly craves.

The episode comes to a close with Maxine passing out on the floor of the flat as Patrick quickly runs to her aid. Has the abortion taken its toll on Maxine's body and how will she explain this to Patrick, whom she assumes knows nothing about it all?

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