Hollyoaks: Sinead crosses a dangerous line whilst Sienna continues to slip Nancy the painkillers

11 July 2013: Nancy recovers in hospital after being hit by Joe Roscoe's car in the previous episode of 'Hollyoaks' this week. Unaware that it was all Sienna's fault and not her own, she struggles to make sense of what's happening to her. I don't always have much sympathy for Nancy, but in this case I'm completely rooting for her to hurry up and figure out exactly what Sienna is up to!

Ruby confronts Sinead about stealing wallets from businessmen for cash. She tells her exactly what we're all thinking "you don't care about Katie if you're willing to keep doing this!" Sinead flys off the handle but deep down I think she probably knows that what she's doing can't continue. Not that this will stop her, she definitely needs to learn the hard way…

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Nancy discharges herself from the hospital, saying that she doesn't want to be put on any pain medication, noting that she doesn't actually feel as bad as she thought she would. Maybe that's because Sienna's been drugging you up to the eyeballs with painkillers in every drink she's made you recently?!

After heading off to a bar and getting turned down by one sleazy old man, Sinead catches the eye of a much younger, wealthy potential target who hints towards her joining him in his room to share a bottle of champagne. He's not as dumb as some of the men she's previously met though and catches her in the act, trying to steal his wallet. He later gives her the choice, sleep with him for the £200 he has on him, or walk away. As she's in the bathroom getting herself ready to go through with it, she receives a call from Finn, saying that Katie's not well. Choosing to ignore his worries, she hangs up on him, but returns home to an ambulance outside the flat and baby Katie being taken away in it. Wake up Sinead, it's time to sort yourself out!

Esther and Tilly put on their scene for The Wizard of Oz play at the school (which seems to have been put together in record time, doesn't it!) and Esther goes off script to tell Tilly how she feels about her in a really sweet moment that allows the two characters to really understand what they want and need from their relationship. After all that Esther's been through, surely she deserves some happiness with Tilly?

The episode comes to an end with Nancy telling Darren that she's going to take a drugs test to prove to him, once and for all, just how wrong he is about his suspicions. Poor Nancy, Sienna is totally setting you up for an epic fail…

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