Hollyoaks: Robbie and Finn are punished for bullying John Paul but will this stop them?

13 November 2013: Wednesday's 'Hollyoaks' kicked off with Phoebe and Vincent in Derry, tracking down Phoebe's mum to try and get a signature from her in order for them to get married. Phoebe's mum isn't exactly the model parent as she downs a glass of wine mi-morning and seems more interested in whether or not her daughter has slept with Vincent or not, and not in a concerned parent way either!

Freddie and Lindsey discuss the events of the previous night and Freddie tells her that there's no need to worry, the car exploded and everything is going to be fine. I'm still not convinced that the police wouldn't be able to tell that Browning had been dead for weeks.

John Paul and Danny approach Patrick about Finn and Robbie's taunts and homophobic abuse. Patrick tells JP that there's no way he'll tolerate this sort of thing in his school and vows to get this sorted out. He suspends Finn and gives Robbie a weeks detention after Robbie blames Finn for everything. I'm beginning to think that these two are both as bad as eachother...

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After the meeting with her mum, and getting the form signed with such ease, Phoebe tells Vincent that she wants to be alone with him at the B+B. She has a complete meltdown after throwing herself at him and it's clear that neither of these two really know what they want. With Phoebe's complicated history with men, she's certainly spending time with the wrong person. Vincent is obviously also just trying to suppress his true personality.

Joe and Freddie have a bust up and Sandy demands to know what her sons are fighting about. Joe eventually tells his mum the truth and she agrees that Joe should cover the whole thing up and keep it secret. She already knows that Freddie is desperately in love with Lindsey and warns him against saying anything.

Tony gets a mysterious and slightly sinister package of two stuffed bears with their heads pulled off! When he looks at the card that accompanies them, it claims to be from The White Man, one of Trevor's associates from Tony's adventures in 'Hollyoaks Later' who says that he has another job for Tony. Surely Tony won't get involved whilst he's trying to recover from a cancer battle and enjoying time with his new family? Well, then again this is 'Hollyoaks' I suppose..

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