Hollyoaks: The latest news and spoilers for Hollyoaks Later, returning to E4 this autumn

Chances are that if you're a fan of 'Hollyoaks' then you also tune in to the 'Hollyoaks Later' spin-off episodes that have proven to be increasingly popular with viewers ever since the shows earlier years. I've been digging up all of the latest info on the next instalment of 'Hollyoaks Later' which is now on its sixth late night series and here's what I've managed to find out so far about what we can expect from its return, this autumn on E4…

Blast from the Past!

I'm excited to learn that we're going to see some old familiar faces return to our screens as Tony heads to several Spanish and Moroccan locations as part of a dodgy deal for Trevor.

Tony (Nick Pickard) is joined by his old friends Kurt Benson (played by Jeremy Edwards) Finn (played by James Redmond) and Tony's brother Dom (played by John Pickard) alongside a host of unexpected and unhinged characters throughout. Are they all reuniting to help Tony through his cancer battle during his time of need or is Tony in over his head with whatever dodgy dealing's he's involved in? It's certainly going to be interesting watching how some of the original and old favourite 'Hollyoaks' characters have changed and evolved over the years and to hopefully get some insight in to what's been happening in their lives since we last saw them.

Haunted Houses?

Tilly and Esther will embark on a trip to a chilling location to celebrate an 18th birthday. I'm not sure whose 18th birthday that will be exactly or what makes the location so chilling but it's always great when the producers can have the freedom to play around with some darker, more dramatic storylines and this sounds like it could be either really fun and spooky or pretty gruesome depending on what sort of events take place!

Danny Dyer to Join 'Hollyoaks Later' cast

Actor Danny Dyer has signed up to play a ruthless ex-pat known enigmatically as 'The White Man' and Tony is set to have a run in with him after agreeing to undertake a dodgy deal for the village hard man, Trevor Royle. Things somehow go horribly wrong and a nightmare situation ensues, in typical 'Hollyoaks Later' style of course!

Tony, his brother Dom and old friend Finn, all get caught up in a world of high-stakes poker, Russian roulette and kidnapping with 'The White Man' hot on their trail. This all sounds like it could be the perfect mix of fun, thrills and drama and I can't wait to see what unfolds!

Jane Steventon will again work with Lime Pictures as the show's Producer and the series will be Executive Produced by Hollyoaks Executive Producer and Lime Picture's Head of Continuing Drama Bryan Kirkwood. Bryan Kirkwood comments, "We are very happy to announce the commissioning of series six of Hollyoaks Later. It is a returning series that gives an annual late night treat to loyal Hollyoaks fans".

Lee Mason, Channel 4 Editor, Hollyoaks, said, "We're thrilled to be bringing back Hollyoaks Later for a sixth series and with it some of our best loved Hollyoaks faces. Tony's cancer battle is an important story for us to tell and we're so excited to be able to explore it further within the high octane, highly emotional and sometimes shocking world of Hollyoaks Later".

The latest instalment of 'Hollyoaks Later' will be screened in autumn 2013 on E4.

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