Hollyoaks Later: Late night madness begins again tonight! Full info and behind the scenes pictures

It's that time of year again! 'Hollyoaks Later' is back on our screens and it looks set to be bigger, better and more dramatic than ever before. Call me cheesy, but I absolutely love the late night 'Hollyoaks ' episodes and although they can often be filled with plotlines that verge precariously on the unbelievable side, they are also always packed full of drama, emotion and more explosive content than can be broadcast during the show's usual earlier weekday slot. The last Hollyoaks Later with Brendan Brady as the main character was one of my all-time favourites, so let's hope that this time around is just as good!

This week, it looks as though we are all set to see some familiar faces return to 'Hollyoaks' in the form of Jeremy Edwards (Kurt Benson) who will reportedly play a kind of guardian angel figure to Tony, James Redmond (Rory 'Finn' Finnigan) and John Pickard, who played Dom Reilly will also return to the show for its special late night run. There will also be a new McQueen guy on the scene and old favourite 'Duncan Button' will make an appearance as Theresa joins him on an adventure as part of his new life… in the army!

We of course also have Danny Dyer to look forward to as the enigmatically titled 'The White Man' character. Tony is all set to get in to some seriously dangerous trouble with him as the late night episodes progress. When I spoke to Nick Pickard (Tony) back in August, he told me:

"It's been great; we've been to Morocco and Spain. I did my big day with Danny Dyer the other day; we actually already knew each other as he's popped down to my pub in London a few times. It's been really great to have a bit of time away from the studio and be out on location in the sun. There will still be some drama for Tony in 'Hollyoaks Later' though, including a game of Russian roulette!"

I had thought that Dyer might become a regular in the show, but it looks as though he's off to rival soap Eastenders soon to take over the running of The Vic so let's see what he brings to 'Hollyoaks Later' whilst we still have him.

Will you be tuning in to 'Hollyoaks Later' this week? Catch it every night this week Mon-Fri at 10pm on E4.

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