Hollyoaks: Halloween drama for Lindsey and Cindy

31 October 2013: Thursday's Halloween 'Hollyoaks' antics begin with a bit of Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf blasting out in the background and Mercedes being stuck cooped up as she tries to convince everyone that she's no idea where Browning might go, without giving anything away that might elude to the fact that he's currently decomposing in the McQueen's attic!

Nancy and Darren pull together to try and make a success of the fund-raiser to bring Tom home safely. I'm really beginning to wonder what has actually happened to Tom now and it's a little strange that no-one seems to have reached the point of being absolutely frantic yet. They're all just repeatedly saying "I'm sure he'll turn up" as if he's a lost sock or something!

It's the little moments between Darren and Nancy that I'm really enjoying, as Nancy tries to keep her cool and not give anything away about what she really thinks of Sienna. When she spots Darren wearing the watch that she'd hidden at the house, ready for his birthday, she remarks "Nice watch Darren" to which he tells her that Sienna got it for him for his birthday. "Of course she did" quips Nancy, biting her tongue.

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Lindsey and Cindy take time out of the Halloween party, in their witches outfits to go and bring Browning's body down from the McQueen's attic. Cindy steals the scene with her morbid joke as she wails "eurgh, this is too grim for words" Lindsey tells her to just take a deep breath and she replies "no not him, look at the state of this wallpaper, what was Myra thinking?!" never one to miss up the chance to criticise eh Cindy!

Nancy and Joe have a bit of chemistry going on in the scenes after Lindsey tells Joe that she's sleeping with someone else, in a bid to get him off her back so that they can get on with burying Browning.

Chloe figures out that Sienna is lying about her pregnancy and Sienna tells her that Darren needn't ever find out if Chloe sells her the baby. Really Sienna? Talk about stooping to new lows! Chloe turns the tables on Sienna effortlessly though when she tells her, five grand and I'll keep your secret, but refuses to give her the baby she so desperately needs to pull off her lies. Nice one, Chloe...

The episode comes to a close with Nancy and Joe getting progressively more drunk and progressively more attracted to one another as they wind up in bed. I could see this being a potentially great new couple, but I think that Nancy and Darren may just still end up together again yet.

What do you think? Nancy and Darren forever or Nancy and Joe?

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