Hollyoaks: Freddie Roscoe wakes up in hospital and Maxine suffers further abuse at the hands of Patrick

19 July 2013: In Friday nights 'Hollyoaks ' Freddie has been stabbed and rushed to the hospital after his run in with Trevor and his band of not-so-merry men. He's in pretty bad shape and Lindsey pushes Ste and Dr browning to tell her exactly what's happened. She sits by Freddie's bedside and wills him to wake up, until Joe gets there and takes over his brother's bedside vigil. Browning sees Lindsay Nolan appear again and I can't help but think that she's a wasted character in the whole thing at the moment as her appearances are so short.

Dodger goes to visit Anna in a bid to get some answers about his mum's shocking confession. We all know she's just protecting Will, but Dodger is completely thrown by what she's saying and finds it hard to believe that his own mother is capable of hurting him further after what happened when he was younger. Anna doesn't back down though and sticks to her story, leaving Dodger devastated at her apparent actions.

Dodger is comforted by Sienna who tells him "you can either deal with what's happened or put it away in a nice little box in your head, never to be opened again" "Is that what you've done?" he asked her and as she glances for just a moment in her father's direction she nods and responds "all my life". This just further proves my theory that there's much more to Sienna and Patrick's father/daughter relationship than meets the eye.

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Freddie wakes up in hospital and Joe questions him about what he was playing at, putting himself in danger like that. Freddie looks at Lindsey and says he thought it would be easier without him around and that he just wanted enough cash to leave. I get the impression that Lindsey understands what he means but Joe is definitely completely clueless about his brother's feelings for his fiancée. Trevor shows up and Lindsey shows that she's got a feisty side by lunging at him in Freddie's defence. Unfortunately Trevor isn't going to back off easily and seems to have his sights set on causing trouble for the Roscoe's now.

Patrick, Maxine, Dodger and Sienna have family drinks at the pub and despite Maxine trying to impress Patrick by saying she won't drink, he tells her to go ahead and have just one. As things progress Maxine ends up having quite a few and completely embarrassing Patrick with various tales about his OCD and controlling nature. He's getting more and more angry, but Maxine is too drunk to see what she's doing. It's not until they return home and Patrick turns abusive once more that his true character shines through. It's almost as if he's brainwashed Maxine in to thinking this is normal behaviour though. Get out of there, Maxine!

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