Hollyoaks: Fraser protects Freddie Roscoe from Trevor whilst Will's jealousy resurfaces

12 September 2013: In Thursday nights 'Hollyoaks ' Maxine and Ash return to the village after a night behind bars. Maxine spots Patrick in the village and immediately screams at him that it must have been him who reported them; to which Patrick replies "do you really think I could be that vindictive?" before walking off, giving a backhanded compliment as he does so.

Freddie is still in the boot of Trevor's car, it's mid way through the episode before Trevor actually gets around to taking him out in to the woods to 'get rid' of him. By which time, Fraser has had chance to figure out that Freddie is the one who he's given the orders on to dispose of. As soon as he finds out, he rings Trevor, but during a tussle with Freddie the phone is knocked to the floor and Trevor pays no attention to what Fraser is trying to tell him. Luckily for Freddie, Fraser (a little too conveniently) manages to jump in just at the right moment and prevent Trevor from finishing the job.

Carmel and Cindy wake up naked together under a bed sheet, they both scream and ask what happened last night, at exactly the same time! When I mentioned yesterday that I was enjoying seeing these two become close friends, I didn't necessarily mean this close! I loved Nana McQueen's accidental crossword faux-pass when she asks "large aquatic rodent, 6 letters, starts with B?" well played 'Hollyoaks' well played!

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Danny is still leading his double life. Married to one woman and in a relationship with John Paul, who is completely oblivious about his other life… for now. How much longer can Danny keep pretending to himself and those he cares about? Maybe not for long if Robbie Roscoe has anything to do with it.

Will confesses to Ash "I did it" and for a fleeting moment I thought he was going to confess to killing Texas, but he was only telling her about being the one who had called the police and having landed Maxine and Ash in jail. He has a brief meltdown in which we get to see some of the old familiar 'creepy Will' ways setting back in before Ash tells him that she can't handle his jealousy and she only wants him, so he needs to start trusting her.

The episode comes to a close with Anna telling Will that he must end things with Ash, or she will tell her that he murdered Texas. A bold move, but I'll bet Will has more sneaky tricks up his sleeve to combat that…

'Oaks Opinions - a few final thoughts

The Danny and John Paul storyline is starting to get on my nerves and make me dislike Danny more as the days go by. He needs to face up to his responsibilities and a make a decision instead of trying to have it all!

Maxine and Patrick are probably going to reunite at some stage, judging by the little run-ins they keep having. It seems as though she can't resist him.

Carmel and Cindy were only playing strip poker! They are both relieved and I'm hoping that we'll continue to see their friendship grow despite this little bump in the road.

What has happened to the other half of the 'Hollyoaks' cast? Tony, Ste, Doug etc? Did they all go on holiday mid-storyline? Hopefully we'll hear more about their plot lines soon also.

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