Hollyoaks: Finn subjects John Paul to further torment

06 February 2014: Thursday's 'Hollyoaks' episode began with John Paul feeling intimidated by Finn and changing his grades back up to A's and B's before telling Diane that he made a mistake. Diane is relieved and later asks John Paul to give Finn extra help after school, he politely declines but Patrick overhears and volunteers him for the role. Before they leave, Robbie Roscoe and Finn decide to give John Paul one last scare and threaten him in the staff toilets. As terrified as he must be, I do wish that John Paul would start fighting his own corner a little bit.

Holly and Jason are trapped in the deli fire. I completely forgot that Layla Lomax was a fire-fighter and it was interesting to see her do her day job getting Holly and Jason to safety as Ste and Tony looked on. Trevor nurses his wounds back at the club but refuses to go to the hospital as he knows that the police will be looking for an arsonist. Grace (ever the sympathetic girlfriend) tells him "you need to get yourself cleaned up. You stink of smoke" before leaving him alone. Call me crazy but I'm sure I see Trevor's softer side coming through a lot more lately on various occasions.

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Diane doesn't quite see Trevor's caring nature, and when she realises that it was him who started the fire, she arms herself with a hockey stick and barges in to Trevor's flat, smashing things up as she confronts him. Fair play to Diane though, she seems to be the only one capable of standing up to Trevor, who looks slightly devastated when she smashes his fish tank before being dragged away by Ste and Tony! Trevor pays them all a visit later and reveals that he's not going to bother them any longer. Diane thinks that she's finally gotten through to the 'Hollyoaks' bad-boy and made him change his ways, but as the episode develops, we learn that Ste has started working for Trevor, in return for Tony's families safety.

The episode comes to a close with Diane calling off the wedding, saying that she doesn't like the person Tony has become. Doesn't she realise how much Tony has done for her and their family and what he's been through to keep them safe? Some people are never happy!

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