Hollyoaks: Farewell to Myra McQueen as Paul Browning shows his dangerous side once more!

03 September 2013: Tuesday's 'Hollyoaks' got off to an emotional start with Myra praying for her children and begging forgiveness for what's about to come. When 'Hollyoaks' does emotion, it really goes all out and I love that the shows actors and producers really do throw everything they've got in to these storylines!

Vincent tells George that there has been a 'mix up' and that Phoebe is his girlfriend now. George disapprovingly tells him that he's doing the wrong thing, but he doesn't listen.

Mercedes was playing along with Paul Browning in last night's episode as I'd suspected, Jim's plan saw them use Mercy as a pawn to find out exactly when and where Trevor was going to strike, Paul didn't even suspect a thing, that's how much faith he has in Mercedes! When Mercedes learns that Trevor is actually on his way over to the house now, she takes a minute to desperately try and get through to her mum and warn her about the danger she's in. She reaches Myra's answer phone, but will she listen to her messages in time?

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Myra is in the church thank goodness, after a tense moment when it looked as though Trevor was going to find her alone in the house! The police catch him in the act of vandalism however and arrest him. Paul reads Mercedes messages and finds the reply from Myra saying that she's safe, he puts two and two together and is furious with Mercy.

Myra calls her children to the church and tells them that she plans to get a boat, with Jim's help, and get away before Trevor can find her. She begs her children to look after eachother and says what must be the hardest goodbye she's ever had to say in her life. These scenes were emotional to watch, and I found it quite fitting that things all took place in the church, where Myra would feel most safe.

Mercedes tells Paul that Myra is safe and that she's headed for the docks now. I have to question exactly why she would tell him that vital bit of information?!?! It's so frustrating when Paul grabs the gun and heads off to track down Myra and give her what he believes is coming to her in that warped and twisted head of his.

The episode comes to a close with Paul finding Myra at the docks and pointing the gun in her face. Begging for her life, telling him that she'll do anything, even stand by Mercedes and his relationship, Myra does everything she can possibly do to reason with him. Before we really know what has happened, Paul Browning has shot Myra, sending her flying in to the water. Nooooo! I for one will miss her humour and down to earth nature in the show. Did the ending come as a shock to you?...

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