Hollyoaks: The fall of Sienna! The true extent of Sienna's lies are finally exposed

13 December 2013: Tonight's explosive, drama filled episode of 'Hollyoaks' kicked off with Tilly putting two and two together about the scan photos of Sienna's baby and Chloe's baby being one and the same. She confronts Chloe and more lies continue to unravel as Tilly pleads with her to come clean, clearly gobsmacked by how low Sienna and Chloe will sink in order to protect themselves.

Maxine and Darren are at their joint engagement party waiting for their other halves (Sienna and Patrick) to turn up. Little do they know that Patrick is currently at the house with Sienna as he decides whether to protect her or put a stop to her lies. As the conversation between the two progresses, we learn that Sienna was also kept captive as a child, locked up in this tiny room alone at the hands of Patrick. Clearly the level of crazy runs deep in this family - Anna, Will, Sienna, Patrick. Who will lose the plot next?! When Patrick tries to call the police, Sienna acts fast and hits him over the head before locking him up and making a run for it, finally turning up to the engagement party for the one big moment in the spotlight that she's been craving.

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Darren stands up to make his speech and everyone gathers around. He thanks Sienna for agreeing to marry him and for all of her continued support and love. He then gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him, doing things properly this time and placing a ring on her finger. When she says yes, they turn around to see Nancy standing in the doorway. She's absolutely furious and with good reason, as she ushers Tom in to the room and reveals exactly what's been going on this entire time.

As Sienna and Nancy come to blows, Nancy rips Sienna's dress and reveals the prosthetic baby bump underneath! Everyone stands and stares in absolute horror and confusion as the tables are finally turned and at long last, Nancy has her moment of absolute revenge. It was definitely a dish best served cold! Let's hope that Sienna really does pay for her actions now that everyone knows her big secret. Maybe Nancy deserves an apology from a select few whilst they're at it!

What did you think of the outcome to this long running storyline?

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