Hollyoaks: Dodger and Patrick protect Sienna as her lies continue

03 December 2013: Tuesday's 'Hollyoaks' picks up with Dodger finding out Sienna's secret about the fake baby bump. Just as he begins to walk away from her and all of the lies, she tells him about an incident that happened when she was just 13. If Sienna is to be believed, she fell pregnant and Patrick wouldn't let her keep the baby. As Dodger begins to get more and more angry, he drives away in a bid to track down Patrick and ask him exactly what he's done and why he's been hiding this family secret.

Trevor refuses to listen to Grace, telling her that he'd rather tell Fraser that he's the grass, than kill a good man like Tony. I'm enjoying seeing this more human, slightly less crazy side of Trevor's personality. There's also some kind of chemistry going on between Trevor and Grace as she covers for him to her father. I wonder if this will develop further...

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Ziggy plays the recording of his 'perfume advert' at the pub and of course, Ruby ensures that it has been cleverly edited to leave him looking like a fool. The whole video is full of him being edited to say what a cheat and a liar he is. Ruby regrets her actions, but it's too late to take them back once everyone has had a laugh at Ziggy's expense. Was her revenge deserved? I think it could have been a whole lot worse for Ziggy, given that Grace was involved, so perhaps he should thank his lucky stars.

Dodger confronts Patrick outside of 'The Dog' and the look on his face when Dodger says he knows what happened when Sienna was 13 is very telling, he's disgusted and looks absolutely sickened with himself. However when Dodger mentions the baby, it's almost as if Patrick was under the impression his son had been talking about something else that happened with Sienna when she was younger. Could there be a deeper of history of abuse there? It's certainly what all the clues would seem to suggest.

Patrick is eventually pretty forceful with Sienna and tells her to leave town for a while and that on her return she must tell Darren that she's miscarried. Dodger is completely against the idea but Patrick manages to convince everyone to get on board. He seems to be very good at getting people to do what he wants, almost as though he's had years of practise! Sienna is ready to go ahead with Patrick's plan, until Chloe turns up again out of the blue and questions whether she still wants to buy her baby. Without hesitation Sienna agrees and heads straight home to Darren to tell him they're having a girl.

Can this storyline get any more crazy and ridiculously drawn out, and when will Sienna's lies finally come to an end?

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