Hollyoaks: Darren and Sienna take their relationship further and it all proves too much for Nancy

24 July 2013: Nancy wakes up after a nightmare day finding out that Sienna and Darren had slept together in the previous 'Hollyoaks ' episode. Poor Nancy has been thrown out of the family home and is struggling to get herself back on track yet again, after Sienna messed with her recovery and slipped her painkillers as part of her cruel plan to set her friend up and steal her husband.

Darren tries to talk to Sienna at the pub the following morning and tells her "about last night, we didn't use protection" Sienna assures him that it's ok as she's on the pill. I can't help but think this is a potential storyline in the making that might just resurface later down the line…

Liberty locks Will and Dodger in a room together and forces them to air their differences and talk things out. If only Dodger knew that Will is really the one who killed Texas, he wouldn't last long in that room if that was the case. It's good to see the Savage family pulling together again, and lovely to have both Liberty and Dennis back as part of the clan, even if it is short lived!

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Nancy bites the bullet and goes to talk to Sandy Roscoe at the hospital and hopefully this will be the start of her putting her life back together. She vents her disappointment to a sympathetic Sandy, who can relate to her situation after experiencing the same with one of her exes. Sandy tells her to go and reclaim her life and her family and that's what Nancy does. After a heart to heart with Darren, she walks in on Sienna calling herself 'mummy' to Oscar and that's the last straw. Nancy grabs Sienna by her hair and drags her through the pub, but as she desperately screams about what Sienna has been doing, no-one seems to believe her. She yells at Darren "I need you to believe me!" but he refuses to see what's in front of him and tells Nancy to leave.

Maxine defends Patrick when Ash explains about some of the things Anna has been saying to her about his controlling tendencies and his abusive nature. Maxine brushes the comments off saying "I know he can be a bit uptight, but it's only because he cares" and heads off to 'make things right' leaving Ash to man the coffee shop alone. When Maxine gets to the school, she tells Patrick that he doesn't deserve her putting her foot in things all of the time and 'messing things up for him' so she's going to leave the flat and will be gone by the time he returns. Patrick's face registers a look of shock, he also almost looks a little bit upset, but that all soon changes when he manages to get her to stay and gives that trademark sly smirk when he realizes that he's still got her completely under his thumb.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Nancy hit desperation point and overdose on pills and at the same time in the Osborne household Sienna is flushing away pills of her own, revealing the extent of her plans for securing a relationship and a family of her own with Darren…

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