Hollyoaks: Darren Osborne is Sandy Roscoe's son!

23 September 2013: Monday's 'Hollyoaks ' kicked off with Joe Roscoe still pondering over what Frankie suspected about him being Jack's son and Lindsey getting ready to go back to work after her tragic loss. Is it perhaps a little early, Lindsey?

Frankie has second thoughts about renewing her vows to Jack as the guilt of hitting Lindsey with the car, weigh heavy on her mind. I can't help but feel for Frankie, as it was an accident, but these things do always keep happening to her. Maybe she needs to take a step back from everyone else's business and focus on her own life for once.

Jim and Carmel do a fantastic bit of singing in the kitchen, if by fantastic you mean completely out of sync and off key! I still have a soft spot for these two though, even if they are rapidly becoming the cheesiest thing about 'Hollyoaks' ever! Jim later answers the door to Trevor who wants him to sell his half of the club. He throws Jim a £1 coin and tells him "that is payback. It pays for this club and it pays for my silence" which confuses me a little, because wasn't this whole thing actually about Trevor in the first place? Now that he knows, where is the real harm in the rest of the family knowing Myra is alive?

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Jim has a great moment in the spotlight as he stands up to Trevor and Fraser, defending himself, Carmel and their half of the club. It's the little moments like this that really make 'Hollyoaks' fun to watch. Fraser and Trevor's faces were an absolute picture, but will Jim end up paying big-time for taking such a firm stand against these two?

The episode comes to a close with Joe Roscoe storming the party at the Dog as Frankie and Jack renew their wedding vows in front of friends and family, He tells Frankie that she's here surrounded by empty bottles and all he and Lindsey are left with is an empty nursery. Things quickly escalate from there and as Darren and Joe get in to a fight, Sandy Roscoe screams at them both "No! Stop it, he's your brother!" it's not Jack who is Joe's dad though as everyone had initially suspected, its actually Sandy who is Darren's mum! I have to confess, I did not see that one coming at all!

How will this change the lives of both families from here on in?

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