Hollyoaks: A confused Vincent breaks Phoebe's heart on their wedding day. Will she get revenge?

14 November 2013: In Thursday's 'Hollyoaks' George, Esther and Tilly embarked on a road trip to stop Phoebe and Vincent making the biggest mistake of their lives by getting married. Tilly asks George if he's sure that this isn't just about his own feelings for Vincent, but he tells her that he just wants to prevent Phoebe from going through heartache years down the line. I think George is probably lying to himself a little bit here...

Tony tells Trevor that The White Man has been in contact with him and that he's worried for his family. What he doesn't realise is that Trevor actually has a hand in all of this himself. The fact that he's moving in next door to the Lomax family, and already seems to have his eye on Sam's daughter Leela is quite funny though!

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Just as Phoebe and Vincent are about to get married, George bursts through the door and begs his friend to reconsider, telling a defiant looking Phoebe "he doesn't love you" before admitting that he looked at her personal emails in order to track them both down. Phoebe and Vincent both tell George that he's wrong and move through to the ceremony room but after reading their vows (which involve lumpy mashed potato and how their eyes met across the back of a van - classy!) Vincent finally tells Phoebe that he can't marry her.

Trevor tells Tony that he'll call in a favour with The White Man and get him off his back. Tony thanks him and tells him that he owes him one. It looks as though Trevor has Tony right where he wants him now then. He later calls in that 'favour' by demanding that Tony help him with a few dodgy deliveries. Tony tells him he won't get involved with drugs, but he may not have much of a choice...

As Esther and Tilly leave her alone to reflect on what's just happened, Phoebe sits in the hotel room and gazes out of the window sadly. She soon spots Vincent and George holding hands in the street and watches on as Vincent tells George that he's in love with him and that it's always been him, not Phoebe.

Angry, hurt and emotional, Phoebe makes a phone call and reports Vincent as an illegal immigrant. I guess it's true what they say: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Does Vincent deserve everything he's about to get or has Phoebe gone one step too far in her McQueen style revenge plan?

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