Hollyoaks: New arrivals and good news for Tony!

23 October 2013: In Wednesday's 'Hollyoaks' it's the day that Tony has been dreading. He is due to get his test results to see if the cancer has gone or if he has another big fight on his hands. There was a fantastic flashback scene of Tony throughout the years with his various marriage proposals and key moments in his life. It really makes you appreciate just how long Tony has actually been one of 'Hollyoaks' main characters.

Tony is as worried about Tom as everyone else, even though he has his own problems. He decides to take Diane on a trip to New Brighton, a place where Max used to take Tom all the time. I think it's partially a search for Tom and partially to take Tony's mind off of the real situations at hand with his own health.

As the episode continues, it's lovely to see Diane and Tony acting like a proper couple for once. Up until now I've always kind of felt that Tony and Diane were only really together through circumstances, rather than true love but maybe there is a bit of a spark to their relationship after all? It all turns a bit silly though when it's revealed that Tony and Diane had previously met eachother years ago on the beach when they were both kids. I do love that we're getting even more insight in to the life of one of 'Hollyoaks' finest though!

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As Tony and Diane walk along the beach, Diane's waters break and they need to rush to the hospital. If this doesn't take Tony's mind off of things, nothing will. When they arrive at the hospital they are met by the most unconvincing (and slightly annoying) midwife ever.

As the babies are born, and after Tony has finished passing out on the delivery room floor, Tony gets to hold the first baby, a little boy who they call Anthony. When the second baby is born, a little girl, they call her DeeDee, in a nod back to their childhood years. As a side note, did anyone else notice how massive the babies were, considering they were supposed to be newborn?! Technicalities I suppose...

The episode comes to an end with Tony finally taking the call about his test results. He walks back in to the delivery room, with a dazed, serious look on his face and tells his family "The cancer's gone - I'm not gonna die!" how emotional was that!

Three cheers for Tony and well done to the amazing Nick Pickard who portrays him so wonderfully.

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