Holly Willoughby and Katie Hopkins clash on This Morning

Battle of the mums as the ITV show debates stay-at-home parenting plans

It was battle of the mums on 'This Morning' as host Holly Willoughby clashed with The Apprentice's Katie Hopkins while debating controversial new government plans.

The proposals, which would see Britain's two million stay-at-home mothers given less financial support than those who work, have been called "a slap in the face".

However, outspoken mum-of-three Katie is all for it. "If you choose to have a child, you're accountable for that choice," she said. "Other taxpayers don't want to pay you for it - so suck it up."

But it was her characterisation of full-time mothers as "choosing to stay at home in their slippers" which really riled Holly and campaigner Lynne Burnham.

Holly, a mum of two, replied: "That's not fair. It's far harder being at home than it is coming to work - and I work hard", while Lynne said the comments were "an insult to mothers".

However, Katie has a track record of leaving controversy in her wake, which is what makes her such TV gold. When she appeared on 'This Morning' last month, for example, she caused a huge storm by claiming she would not employ an overweight person.

Should you tell if you see a friend's husband out with another girl?

We were spared Katie's views on what to do if you see a pal's partner out with someone else. Shame, because they would doubtless be entertaining. Instead we got the soothing opinions of agony aunt Denise Robertson.

"If you say 'I saw your husband with another woman' and it turns out it was a work colleague, then that friend will have no room for you," she said. "The messenger often gets shot, sadly. I would mention it in a roundabout way."

The 'This Morning' audience disagreed: voting 80% in favour of telling the friend outright.

Holly and Phillip get the Wallace and Gromit treatment

Oscar-winning animator Nick Park came in with Aardman colleague Merlin Crossingham with a bizarre-looking gift - Holly and co-host Phillip Schofield rendered in clay.

The Wallace and Gromit animator, who was on the sofa to promote a new stage show starring the cheese-loving inventor and his dog, was even tempted into discussing Labour leader Ed Miliband's often-mentioned resemblance to Wallace.

"It has harmed Wallace's image a little bit," he joked. Well, I think he was joking.

Two twins separated at birth get reunited

Next, we heard the incredible story of sisters separated at birth - one of whom ended up being loved and cared for and the other abused and neglected.

Helen grew up in Tyneside with a violent father, while Jenny was adopted at six weeks and had a happy childhood and a privileged background - going on to become a golf champion. Neither of them knew the other existed until, in her 50s, Jenny started digging around the family tree.

Soon, Jenny began to unravel all the mysteries of their murky family, and when she managed to track down her mother by knocking on doors, she began to learn about her secret sister, Helen.

After their mother died, the two managed to get in touch via the website Genes Reunited.

"Having each other, the sadness is fading away," Helen said.