Holby City: Chantelle leaves after Arthur declares his love

Nurse Lane is off, as Lauren Drummond says goodbye to Holby City

12 November 2013: So, goodbye Nurse Lane. The uber-cheery Chantelle, tragic Arthur's love interest right up to the final moment, has disappeared on the night-bus into oblivion. Aww.

It's a shame to see Holby's sunniest character bow out - especially without the kiss with Arthur I always thought was a nailed-on certainty. This week, bumbling birthday boy Dr Dig does come close to smooching her in the hospital's love gardens, but it just isn't to be.

As this episode action begins, Arthur (Rob Ostlere) catches Chantelle (Lauren Drummond) popping beta-blockers, and feels hurt that she didn't tell him. "Don't you trust me? I wouldn't do anything to hurt you," then a pause: "I love you."

After that, he flees. But even with that awkwardness hanging over them, the pair continue their unfortunate friendship/infatuation. Chantelle gets on with organising Arthur's birthday surprise, while he leaps into action when her attacker, the snarling mugger Cameron Pollins, is admitted to Holby.

As it turns out, Digby takes the whole protection thing a bit far, failing to do a spinal scan which later sees Cameron (Sam Jackson) go into cardiac arrest and die horribly.

Nonetheless, everyone continues organising his birthday almost as if he hadn't just hastened a man's death. Basically against his will, he's dragged to the pub by Mary-Claire to be subjected to her bizarre kazoo orchestra of something she called Arthur's Theme, which luckily he - and we - are spared most of.

Digby wisely legs it out of the boozer, closely followed by Chantelle, and that's when the bad news comes.

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"This isn't going to work, is it?" he asks Chantelle. She shakes her head. "We don't want the same things from each other. We never will. So say it..."

And Chantelle does. "I do love you," she replies. "Just not like that."

Ah, the horrible punch in the stomach of unrequited love. I think most of us know that one.

"Arthur, one of us has to move on," says Chantelle. "And it's got to be me."

So where is she going? "Back to the flat to pack. And then who knows: Ibiza, Thailand, Tibet..."

But before any of that, the bus. She steps on board with that crazy grin, orders Arthur to go and enjoy his birthday (as if) and disappears into the night. Digby stands on the pavement utterly crumpled, wallowing in a miserable soup of despair.

Gah. I do hate an unhappy ending, but this Holby partnership is deftly snuffed out. Sometimes it's good in these types of TV drama that things don't work out the way we all hope. Farewell, Chantelle.

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