Hannibal Season 2 Spoilers: Will Graham finds himself with a lawyer

Will Graham has found himself behind bars, however it looks like someone is willing to help him

Season 2 of 'Hannibal' is ages away, but thankfully we've got our first little teaser for it already. According to E! we can expect to see a new character joining the show in Season 2 and initially it seems his motives are good ones, but who is this new mystery character?

Well, thanks to Bryan Fuller at Comic-con we know that there will be a trial during episode 3 of the new series which, if events at the end of Season 1 are anything to go by, will be the trial of Will Graham for the murders of the copycat killer (who was actually Hannibal). Now, if you're going to be in a trial, you're going to need a lawyer.

In steps Leonard Braver, who will need to be quite some lawyer to get Will out of the mess that he currently finds himself in thanks to Hannibal's meticulous and quite brilliant manipulation and framing of the show's central protagonist. Luckily for Will however, Leonard thinks he's up to the job.

Leonard is hoping that with such a high profile case that his career will be made if he successfully gets Will Graham off scott-free despite the seemingly insurmountable evidence against him which means that no other lawyer will even go near the case. Luckily for Leonard, although unbeknownst to him, Will Graham really is innocent.

There is currently no news as yet as to who will be playing the plucky lawyer, or what he'll look like, or well anything to go on at all other than knowing that he exists and will be part of the show in some way. However we do know that 'Hannibal' showrunner Bryan Fuller has lined up David Bowie and David Tennant for a role, as well asmost of the 'Pushing Daisies' alumni so any of these actors are a safe bet. (Apart from Bowie who is wanted to play Hannibal's uncle.)

The importance of Leonard's role is not yet known, he might just be a periphery character who does nothing for Will, or he might be the one that gets Will released and saved from the death penalty (yes Will is in that much trouble) and therefore could arguably be the one responsible for the incarceration of Hannibal. Or true to Hannibal he could turn out to be a serial killer or someone with an ulterior motive.

And also, if this statement by Fuller to A.V. Club is anything to go by, it looks like Will could be in that cell for quite some time. So much for hot young ambitious lawyers!

"That's the great thing about imagination is that Will's imagination can transport him out of [prison] and into places, cinematically, that will allow him to continue being a pivotal part of the story, even though he's locked up. One of the things that was really interesting in the books, is the concept of Hannibal's memory palace, the place where he goes to survive incarceration with the virtual-reality system that exists between his ears. We'll be seeing Will create his own version of the mind palace over the course of the second season."

Would you prefer for Will to get out as quickly as possible, or would you like him to stay behind bars? Are you excited about the lawyer Leonard Braver character?

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