Hannibal exec says show could 'easily run for seven seasons'

The future of Hannibal looks secure, regardless of how well the second season is received.

For those of you who fell in love with the first season of 'Hannibal' and cannot wait for the second season to start there may be some great news for you. A 'Hannibal' executive has discussed the future of the show and it seems that it's looking pretty rosy.

That's because the much talked about seven season story-arc that Bryan Fuller has mentioned could very well happen. Fuller says ""The third season would have a fugitive angle to it, the fourth season would be 'Red Dragon,' the fifth season would be in the realm of 'Silence Of The Lambs,' the sixth season would be 'Hannibal', In the seventh season it would be interesting to see Will Graham and a Clarice Starling type character come together for an adventure with their nemesis, Hannibal Lecter."

And Hannibal exec Christophe Riandee appears to be completely on board with Fuller's plans as well by telling Digital Spy ""We adore [showrunner] Bryan Fuller, and we know he can easily produce six or seven seasons of this show from what we've seen of his ideas."

This is particularly exciting shows for fans of Fuller who have been eagerly waiting for him to get a decent prolonged stab at a television show, all of his other critically acclaimed shows were tragically cut short before their time. 'Pushing Daisies' only got two series, 'Wonderfalls' was cut short at just one season and 'Dead Like Me' managed to limp to 'two seasons'.

Which is why a lot of people were worried about dark thriller and origin story 'Hannibal' because looking at Fuller's track record, he is a man that can make fantastic television shows, but for one reason or another he can't quite pull in the ratings, an issue that Riandee reiterates "The challenge is not on the artistic side," he said.

However the news that executives behind the show are fully behind seven seasons (and a movie, okay that was the only 'Community' reference I'll make) is great, and they've even backed it up. "By premiering season two of 'Hannibal' just after the Olympics, this shows that NBC believes in the series," he said. "We believe the Friday 10pm time slot right after 'Grimm' is perfect."

Hannibal's second season is back on the 28th of February in America and will be airing on Sky Living in the UK sometime after that. So if you're a fan of the first series, or haven't watched it yet make sure you tune and catch the second series, who knows there might even be five more after that!

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