Gromit was almost a cat, reveals Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park – Daily TV round-up

Gromit, of Wallace and Gromit fame, was originally a cat, their creator Nick Park has revealed.

But he changed the species from feline to canine after realising that a dog sidekick would be easier to make.

Cheeeeeese... Wallace and Gromit (Credit: PA)

“I had this idea about a guy who builds a rocket in the basement of his house. I thought he had to have an assistant,” he said.

“So I drew a cat called Gromit. But when I came to model the cat out of clay, I found a dog easier to make. Plus I had a packet of dog's noses from a craft shop on me. So Gromit became a dog.”

He also says that the character was supposed to be far more expressive and extrovert than the reserved dog he has turned out to be.

“I found it much easier just moving his brow. It gave him a personality, an inner, discerning mind. Suddenly he became a contrast; a child more intelligent than his father.” [Radio Times]

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