The greatest Downton Abbey partnerships

From Lord and Lady Grantham to O'Brian and Thomas, which partnerships do we love and hate the most?

'Downton Abbey' is all about partnerships. Everyone has their place and their part to play. Both upstairs and downstairs, there are great partnerships to be found, from beautiful romances to scheming villains.

Lord and Lady Grantham

It is no secret that Lord Grantham married Lady Grantham for her money but the love they feel for each other now is undeniable. As heads of the family, they can be both a united front, fiercely loyal and devoted to each other, and at loggerheads. Cora is never too scared to voice her opinion with her husband in a time where women were not encouraged to have one. This is truly a partnership of equal weight and most of their problems tend to be talked out in the privacy of their bedroom.

Mr Bates and Anna

Anna was always looking out for Mr Bates, ever since he first arrived in episode one. She was thoughtful and kind but didn't seem to have the pity many others felt for him. It was no surprise then when Mr Bates fell for Anna. Their path to true love has not been an easy one, with a vicious ex-wife and jail time to contend with but the pair are now happily married and still working at Downton. If you can get rid of the niggling suspicion that perhaps Mr Bates actually did kill his ex-wife, then they are adorable.

O'Brian and Thomas

The two greatest schemers and plotters to have ever walked through Downton's corridors were bound to be friends. They joined forces to plot the downfall of anyone they didn't like - including, unsuccessfully, poor Mr Bates. Watching them stir and scheme has always been wildly entertaining and they each make for brilliant villains. Sadly, their partnership has not lasted the test of time. It came to a bitter end as their scheming turned on each other, each planning the other's downfall.

Carson and Mrs Hughes

They may not actually be in a relationship but Carson and Mrs Hughes are certainly the father and mother to everyone living and working downstairs at 'Downton Abbey'. They are both firm but fair and their longstanding relationship with the Grantham family and dedication to the house affords them well-deserved respect. Together, they are both endearing and often very funny. They are courageous too and, much like Lord and Lady Grantham, neither is afraid to disagree with the other.

Which is your favourite partnership from 'Downton Abbey'? With new ones forming all the time, could we see Lady Mary and Branson become good friends? Or will Lady Edith and Michael Gregson become the new romantic partnership to watch?

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