Gary Lucy to join EastEnders – Daily TV round-up

Former 'Footballers Wives' star Gary Lucy is to join the cast of 'EastEnders'.

Lucy, who has also starred in 'The Bill' and made his name in teen soap 'Hollyoaks', is set to play  charismatic city banker Danny Pennant in the show.

Show sources told The Sun that Lucy's character is intended to 'ooze sex appeal', and will find himself at the centre of a dramatic storyline.

He'll make his debut in Albert Square next month.

It follows news that Sharon is to return to the Square after leaving her fiancé John, played by Jesse Birdsall, at the altar.

She then begs ex-boyfriend Phil Mitchell to help her get son Dennis back, after he's taken by jilted John.

‘EastEnders’ will air every night for a week to usher in the new plot, starting on 13 August. [The Sun]

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