Game of Thrones Season Four News: George R.R.Martin hints at and then reveals who will be playing Mace Tyrell

George R.R. Martin brings back 'Froggy' on his blog to hint at who will be playing the Lord of Highgarden.

Those of you who have been following the Game of Thrones production from the very start will know all too well what George R.R Martin's Froggy symbol means. It means that the rascal that is Martin is giving a cryptic clue to a spoilery announcement.

Froggy is a much anticipated part of George R.R.Martins blog 'Not a Blog' . Froggy was responsible for fans knowing that in Season Three, Bart the Bear would be making an appearance in the episode 'The Bear and the Maiden Fair' that George wrote himself, containing Jaime and Brienne fighting off a bear in a bear-pit. Now Froggy is back with his first Season Four riddle, and this time it's concerning the casting of a much awaited character, here's the post below!

The Wedding Guest

He's a father, he's a son. He's been a bishop, a cardinal, a prior, a friar, a vicar, a knight, a lord, a mayor, a director. There's one born every minute, but by any other name he'd smell as sweet.

Obviously the latter part of the riddle is referring to Mace Tyrell, the Lord of Highgarden and Margarey and Loras' father. Which is exciting news as Mace is a fairly formidable man and has a lot to do this season. But who could the actor playing him be?

Several names were suggested from Simon Callow, Sam Niell and Ian McShane were suggested, but eventually the consensus fell on Roger-Ashton Griffiths. Among other things the man has played P.T. Barnum in 'Gangs of New York', Cardinal Woolsey in a miniseries about the Tudors, and the Old Bishop in 'A Knight's Tale'. But was this right?

Of course it was. George R.R. Martin confirmed that Griffith would be playing Mace Tyrell in Season Four. He'll be starring alongside fellow family members Dame Diana Rigg and Natalie Dormer and fellow Kings Landing based characters Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance and Conleth Hill. Which is quite an impressive selection of actresses and actors there.

What's also interesting about this announcement is that it opens up the role that Sherlock actor Mark Gatiss will be playing. Many had him down as the favourite to be Mace Tyrell but with Mace now off the table, I for one am stumped as to who the Doctor Who writer and actor will be playing.

How happy are you with the casting of Roger-Ashton Griffiths as Mace Tyrell? Who the hell will Mark Gatiss be playing?

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