Game of Thrones Season Four: Are these leaked photos of the infamous Purple Wedding?

Leaked photos could possibly be of Westeros' second most famous wedding!

The Red Wedding was one of Game of Thrones' most shocking moments, it caused such a stir across the world that I still don't think people have gotten over it, even today. But they'd be remiss to forget there's another wedding on the cards - The Purple Wedding.

Naturally the fact that this event has been affectionately called 'The Purple Wedding' in a similar vein to the Red Wedding by fans of George R.R Martin's novel should indicate that 'The Purple Wedding' is a pretty big deal. I'm sure most of you will remember that the sadistic king Joffrey and the lovely Margarey Tyrell are betrothed to be married, well the wedding that's purple in nature is the consummation of that betrothal. Keep an eye out for it in Season Four because it's bound to be a big moment for the series.

But if you don't fancy waiting that long, it appears you might be able to get a few glimpses of what the event itself and preparations for the wedding will look like, as set photos that could be attributed to the Purple Wedding have been leaked online, on Reddit (where else would a leak go?).

The eighteen photos reportedly leaked by an extra depict several different things that appear to be Purple Wedding related. For starters there's lots of Purple imagery, and lots of stag/lion symbols and emblems everywhere, as a few of the photos depict a grand set-piece that looks rather wedding-like in nature

There's even a glimpse of what could be a very grand, very expensive looking, very Lannister wedding cake. Those of you paying attention in Season Three will recall newly appointed Master of the Coin Tyrion Lannister telling everyone that they couldn't afford the wedding, that it would break the bank. However after securing money for Lady Olenna Tyrell the wedding could go ahead. From the looks of things though, almost all of the budget is being spent on that cake.

There are also plenty of extras, plenty of people in armour, basically there'll be loads and loads of people there. But there's even a look at the sadistic King Joffrey himself, two looks in fact (seriously, you can't write King Joffrey without prefixing it with 'sadistic'). The king is surrounded by rather lavish set-pieces and is accompanied by none other than Conleth Hill's Varys. In another photo if you squint your eyes and turn your head you can just about see him and a lady who appears to be Natalie Dormer's Margarey.

So, have these photos drummed up your excitement for the Purple Wedding, are you done with weddings following the Red Wedding?

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