Episodes headstone mistranslation goes viral – Daily TV round-up

A mistranslation featured on a headstone in 'Episodes' has gone viral in Israel, according to reports.

The BBC comedy, which is shot in the US but is not currently being shown in Israel, featured a Jewish funeral in the third episode of the latest series.

The offending grave stone (Credit: Showtime/BBC)

But the inscription on the headstone of the deceased man Yuhudi Penzel, father of one of the lead characters Merc Lapidus, appears to have been taken from an online translator.

On the Hebrew part of the headstone, as well as being written left to right instead of right to left, it says that the dearly beloved had been 'pickled at great expense'.

The phrase 'pickled at great expense' is what comes out of Google Translate when asked for the phrase 'dearly missed'.

The comedy stars former 'Friends' star Matt LeBlanc playing himself as an arrogant actor, and Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig as English writers working in Hollywood. [The Guardian]

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