Emmerdale: Leyla confronts Priya about her eating disorder

But will she tell David what’s been going on?

06 February 2014: After Priya's eating habits have spiralled out of control, it looks as though eating disorders have come to Emmerdale… and when it involves a pregnant woman, it's not going to end well. Of course, Priya is adamant that she doesn't have a problem, that is won't affect her unborn child. But when Leyla realises what's been going on, she tries to talk some sense into her friend. But will she listen?

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After Georgia's return from Canada, it's time to celebrate with a rather pointless homecoming… but it looks as though the stage is set for a showdown between Priya and her good friend, Leyla. Spending the day preparing a lovely meal for her family and their guests, it seems that Priya isn't exactly fussed on trying any herself. And she quickly makes excuses to avoid eating.

Offering to get a recipe for Bob, she quickly abandons her plate of food… and Leyla is suspicious. After all, Priya has been off her food for a while and it's becoming increasingly obvious that she may have a problem. Of course, Leyla decides to be a good friend and offers her support. But will Priya take it?

Meanwhile, it looks as though Charity and Declan have finally hooked up… much to the disgust of Debbie and Sarah. "Alright guys," says Charity. "After yesterday's unpleasantness we've taken things to a whole new level." And she definitely doesn't mean 'love'. "Never again would be too soon for that malarkey… it's all about me now."

But while Charity brushes it off, it looks as though Debbie is genuinely concerned. And she's certain that Charity is just asking for trouble. But will Charity listen?

Heading over to the factory, it looks as though she's determined to protect her new fella. Having it out with Jai over his snooping, she's determined to get him to back off… and she's obviously terrified at the prospect of him finding Rachel. "I wonder what Archie would say when he hears how you really despise his mother…" Shocked to find that Charity recorded him slagging off Rachel, she warns him to leave Sam alone. But will he really back down?

Elsewhere, it looks as though Declan is still keeping secrets from his sister, Megan. And this time, it's all about Charity. Still unaware that Charity is now a partner in the business, Megan has no idea what's been going on behind closed doors. But Charity urges him to come clean. "We really need to tell your sister where she stands," she says. "Call it rehab - she's going to be chasing me like a greyhound on a rabbit when she knows I'm in the business." But how will Megan take the news?

Obviously unhappy that Charity will be getting a third of their company, it seems that Megan is starting to have serious doubts about her and Declan. And after everything that's happened, it looks as though she know they're hiding something. But will she figure it out?

Back at the Sharma household, Leyla and Priya have a rather public falling out after Leyla offers her help. "I think you made all that food so you could avoid eating it. And when you had to, you came up here and put your finger down your throat and made yourself sick."

Not wanting to admit that she has a problem, she snaps at Leyla in front of her family and guests… and quickly regrets it. But Leyla lies about why they were arguing, covering for her friend. "It was about David," she says. "I told him Priya took a tumble."

Of course, Priya is absolutely humiliated and quickly makes an excuse to leave. But when Leyla follows, she soon finds herself on the receiving end of Priya's wrath. "You're just jealous," she says. "Jealous of our money and desperate to screw things up for David. You tell lies about me and I'll tell lies about you."

Shocked by her friend's threats, Leyla heads home and tells Alicia what's been going on. But will Alicia believe her?

Will Priya get the help she needs? Will Alicia believe what's been going on?

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