Emmerdale: Gemma’s death shocks the village

But will Belle reveal the truth about what happened?

06 March 2014: It's been a shocking week over at the village of Emmerdale, after young schoolgirl Gemma Andrews was found slumped in a ditch following a row with Belle Dingle. But although she was rushed to hospital after being found by new vicar, Harriet, it looks as though it was just too late. Following news that Gemma had been pronounced brain dead, Dom was forced to make the agonising decision of turning off her life support. But will Belle come clean about what happened?

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After an incredibly tragic end to their silly rivalry, it looks as though Belle is wracked with guilt after her and Gemma's row. Knowing that it was she who pushed Gemma over onto that rock, Belle is gutted to realise the extent of what she's done. Unable to face Gemma's father, it looks as though she has a lot of explaining to do. But as she waits for the police to take a statement about Gemma's last moments, will she tell the truth?

"She said she wanted to go home," she says. "She said she didn't want to stay at ours." Desperately hiding her emotions, Belle is obviously uncomfortable as they quiz her about Gemma's movement on that fateful night. But while Lisa comforts her daughter over the death of her friend, it looks as though Belle is ready to admit that she wasn't entirely honest. "I didn't tell the truth," she sobs. But will she come clean?

Meanwhile, Dom is understandably heart-broken after the death of his daughter… but instantly blames himself after realising that during her final moments he was busy spending the night with Harriet. "The bloke who was supposed to be looking out for her… but he was too busy enjoying himself."

Of course, these feelings of guilt are only natural, even though he couldn't have seen any of this coming. But at the same time, Harriet is full of remorse. After all, it was her who said to Dom that Gemma would be fine as they clambered into bed together.

Seeking help from Ashley, it looks as though Harriet is ready to open up… and confesses a rather personal story to the former-vicar. "I did a really bad thing when I was a copper," she says… and explains how she took the law into her own hands where a serial mugger was concerned. But can he help her through this?

Elsewhere, Pete tries to talk to Debbie about his inappropriate pillow talk… but it seems she just doesn't want to know. "I feel like I should apologise," he said. "Obviously trying to talk about your psycho ex… it's something I should avoid in future."

Giving him the brush off, it looks as though his luck has run out… that is, until Chas gets involved after finding out what went on between them. Having a chat with Debbie, it looks as though Chas could be Pete's unlikely saviour. "I'm not saying you should marry the bloke," she says. "But maybe you should give him a chance?" But will she take the plunge?

Over at the Dingle's farm, it looks as though Belle wants some time on her own. But it's obvious that Lisa thinks Belle has been hiding something… and she couldn't be more right. "Should we tell the police that they argued?" says Lisa. "I can't help thinking that there's more to it… why didn't she tell us that they had a row?"

Of course, Zak thinks Lisa is just reading too much into it, but Lisa is adamant that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. "It doesn't change anything," says Zack. But will Lisa tell Dom about their argument?

Will Belle come clean to her mother? Will Lisa put two and two together?

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