Emmerdale: David and Alicia’s wedding day is here

But will they get hitched without a hitch?

25 December 2013: It's Christmas Day in Emmerdale and while 'tis the season to be jolly, it looks as though it might not be quite so straight-forward for Alicia and David. It's the day of their wedding and while it should be a happy occasion, it seems nothing is going right. After a series of unfortunate events, it looks as though nothing will go right for the happy couple. And with David's ex-fiancée still sniffing around, will it really go without a hitch? I get the feeling things are about to get even more complicated.

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The big day is finally here and it looks as though Alicia and David will be heading off into married bliss by the end of Christmas Day… but since when have things been quite so simple when it comes to the Yorkshire Dales?

It's the most important day of their lives and that can mean only one thing - everything is bound to go wrong.

Over at Alicia's place, her boiler has packed… and that means the bride-to-be can't get ready in the comfort of her own home. Not to worry - that's only a minor inconvenience. After all, she can always get ready elsewhere. "Boiler's kaput over at hers," Val explains to Dianne. "So we're going to have to commandeer your facilities."

But that's only the beginning. Heading over to the Woolpack, it looks as though poor Alicia is in for the wedding from hell. And it starts when Val accidentally burns her hair in the process of styling it.

"Something smells funny," says Jacob… and it looks as though Alicia may need a bit more primping before she's ready. "Oh I think it's just this overheating a little bit," says Val as she gets rid of Alicia's burned hair. But still, that's not all…

On top of that, it seems that David's ex-fiancée Priya is still sniffing around… and Val has a bad feeling about it. "I've had to warn Priya off," she says. "She's in serious bunny-boiler mode. And when I say bunny I mean bride… she's a broken-hearted princess with a score to settle." But would she really spoil Alicia's wedding day? I certainly wouldn't put it past her…

Meanwhile, Sam is wracked with guilt after thieving some Christmas presents from up at Home Farm… and while the rest of the Dingle clan might not be so fussy, you can trust good old Sam to be the one with a conscience. Sneaking back to Home Farm to replace the stolen gifts, he accidentally knocks over the Christmas tree. And that could be enough to place him at the scene. But will he be caught out?

Elsewhere, Declan and Charity have been as thick as thieves over at the Woolpack… And when Jai arrives (and throws a few insults her way) it's not long before they head back to Home Farm. "We're going back to yours," she says to Declan. "Get your stuff." But things take a strange turn when Charity is freaked out by his attitude. "Might as well go out with a bang," he says. "Now is your last chance before the show's over."After leaving, it looks as though he's decided to take matters into his own hands when it comes to Home Farm… with a big can of petrol.

Over at Val and Eric's, it looks as though David has had one hell of a stag-do… and he's not quite recovered from the night before. "I feel a bit funny," he says. "Funny like… I feel a bit hot. I feel a bit…sick." A quick dash to the loo, followed by a horrendous retching noise signals the result of a pretty good stag-go. But will he make it to the church?

At the Woolpack, it looks as though Priya is about to sabotage their big day by pouring red wine all over the bride's dress… but hearing how much it means for Alicia to get married to David gives her second thoughts. And it seems she's even able to help sort out Alicia's hair.

"Thank you," says Alicia. "I'm really sorry - I've been a real cow." Wishing her a lovely wedding, Priya seems to have done the right thing.

But what about David? Will he ever get to the church on time? About to head over, it looks as though he has a surprise visitor. And it's someone he hasn't seen in a very long time… "Just want to see my son," says Layla. But will she throw a spanner in the works?

Will David and Alicia get married? Will anything spoil their big day?

Ryan Leston is a TV addict from Cardiff and who fondly remembers Seth Armstrong. He's watched Emmerdale for years and would love to one day own the Woolpack… as long as they make sure that chimney stack is on properly. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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