Emmerdale: Charity plans to get revenge

But what will she do?

22 November 2013: After finding out the truth about Jai and Rachel, it looks as though Emmerdale's Charity Dingle is out for revenge. Pushed too far, she's not exactly the kind of woman you want to cross. But as she gears up to get her own back, what exactly will she do? Obviously, Jai is her top priority, but it seems he's not the only one who could come under fire. After all, it takes two to tango…

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The truth is out - Charity knows all about Jai's sordid little secret. And now it's all out in the open, it looks as though Charity has a score to settle. Of course, she's gutted now that Jai has turned out to be Archie's really daddy… but I think we all know Charity isn't one to take things lying down. She is a Dingle after all.

Obviously, she can't face staying with Jai and moves her and Noah out of their home. "Gone," says Jai. "Taken Noah with her… to Debbie's." But that's certainly not going to be the end of it. Charity is on the warpath and she's desperate to get back at those who've hurt her - including Rachel.

"Someone's got to tell Zak and Lisa haven't they?" she says to Debbie… and she's determined to break the news to them herself. "They need to know what kind of person they've got living under their roof." And it seems she wants the Dingles to evict her. But will Zak and Lisa do as they're told or will they continue to put a roof over Rachel's head, despite what's gone on?

Meanwhile, Megan thinks it's a good idea for Declan and Katie to have a chat… and somehow manages to talk Declan into it. "Go and see her," she says. "Nobody said it was going to be easy… offer her something if necessary - something she really wants. Do it, or we're all finished."

But when Declan turns up looking rather calm and amiable, Katie can't quite believe it. "I'll keep it brief," he says before handing her some documents. "It's a copy of the divorce papers, signed." Obviously, things aren't quite what they seem. "I just want to be civilised," he says. "I wanted to show that there's no bad feeling." But while he's happily signed their divorce papers, he has a few other things for her to sign… and I'm sure they have absolutely nothing at all to do with getting all of the property back in his name. But is Katie foolish enough to fall for his games?

Elsewhere, it looks as though Ashley might have a bit of an admirer when harriet turns up at the village. "What brings you back so soon?" he asks… and her answer says it all. "I feel like I have some unfinished business," she says. "Business of the heart - of the soul." But while it looks as though she's after a date with the former vicar, he couldn't be more wrong. In fact, it seems he has some competition for the job of village Vicar as the lovely Harriet turns out to have applied for the post. "There's a job," she says. "And I was thinking of applying." But just when Ashley seemed to be getting back on his feet, how will he take the news?

Over at the Dingle homestead, Charity lays down the law when it comes to Rachel. "It's me or her," she says to Zak and Lisa. "If you ever want to see me, or Debbie or your grandkids ever again, then she has to go. It's your choice." Obviously, they're not the sort to be pushed around… especially when there's a young mother and child in question. But will they stand up to Charity?

"I think it's best for everyone if I pack," says Rachel, But Zak stands up for her and Sam. "Where are they gonna go?" he asks. "Sammy's place is here." And while Zak and Lisa stand behind Sam all the way, it looks as though this rift could split the Dingle clan forever. Heading off with her tail between her legs, Charity goes back to Debbie's… and reveals that it's far from over.

"My husband's had a baby with another woman and Lisa's cooking her tea," she says. But Debbie thinks it's Jai who's hurt her… and she needs to stop taking it out on everyone else. "If you think I'm just gonna let him walk away with a red face and a dodgy reputation you are wrong." But what is she going to do?

How will Charity get her own back? Will she really make Jai's life hell?

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