Emily voted out of 'I'm A Celebrity'

Emily Scott is out of the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle.

The model and DJ managed 12 days in the camp before being voted off by the public.

Speaking to Ant & Dec after she crossed the rope bridge, she admitted to fancying Mark Wright, with whom she'd been flirting with since she arrived.

Visibly turning a shade of crimson, she was confronted with the evidence of their flirtation, before eventually coming clean.

“He's really sweet, and I was really enjoying getting to know him more,” she said. “Every time we went on a challenge it was nice to be able to get away from everyone and spend some time together.”

Asked bluntly by Ant whether she fancied him, she replied 'Yes!' and added that she planned to visit Wright in Essex.

In other news, Antony and Dougie's 'treachery' task backfired somewhat, resulting in tears around the campfire and leaving a pretty poisonous vibe.

The pair were told that if they pulled off the task, they would receive gifts from family for the group. But what they weren't told was that if the Prince and Princess of camp, Crissy and Willie, did not pick them out as the traitors, they'd have to spend the night in a dungeon.

The pair were then banished into the dark while the rest of the camp enjoyed a dinner of octopus.

Not grasping the fact that it was a game and that Antony and Dougie thought they were actually doing the task for the good of the group, Willie and Crissy kicked off, cutting short their stay in the dungeon by uttering the words 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here'.

On returning to the camp, they didn't disguise their anger, making poor Antony, who had pinched Crissy's bed, cry.