EastEnders storylines inspired by the Bible – Daily TV round-up

'EastEnders' storylines are often inspired by the bible, one of the show's producers has revealed.

Oh my God: EastEnders is inspired by the bible (Credit: BBC)

Jennifer Robins, who oversees future plots, likened Albert Square to the Garden of Eden while speaking at a conference on media and religion in Manchester.

She also compared the struggles of characters like Dot Cotton to those of Job and Moses.

“’EastEnders’ slays all before it when it is moral to its core,” she said. “The good are rewarded, the bad are punished, plausibly. A hero is cruelly, arbitrarily tested but refuses to give in or surrender. That could be a description of ‘EastEnders’ or the Book of Job.

“The prototype of every ‘EastEnders’ story can be traced back to one source: David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Samson and Delilah, Sodom and Gomorrah, the fall, all the Bible stories. The same story shapes, all of them present in the Bible, occur again and again and again.

“And if sometimes Albert Square seems a brutal and arbitrary place I would argue no more so than Biblical Egypt, Israel or the Garden of Eden.”

When quizzed by one member of the audience on how the plot of pastor Lucas Johnson strangling his love rival in a car applied to religion, Robins said: “I’ve got to be honest that was before my time.

“In our nearly 5,000 episodes over the last 27 years there have been some howlers, there is no escaping that.” [Daily Mail/Daily Telegraph]

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