EastEnders: Michael Moon has been murdered! But who killed him?

Was it Alice or Janine who killed Michael Moon?

01 November 2013: Alice Branning is found with blood on her hands in 'EastEnders' when she calls Michael Moon over to tell him if she killed Janine.

"It went wrong, I should never have gone over there," a tearful Alice admits, as Michael questions her further. "Alice, is she dead?" Michael asks, "I don't know, I think so" Alice replies, as Michael gets frantic. Wanting to make sure that no one saw her; he washes the blood of her hands and disposes of Alice's clothes. Leading Alice to her bedroom, Michael tells her to get into bed and stay there - he's going to go over to Janine's house to check if she's dead…

Walking out, Michael is suddenly stopped by Kat Moon, who tells her to see son Tommy's Halloween Outfit. Sensing something is up, she asks him what's wrong, "You're acting weird" she said, as Michael laughs in response. Escaping, he continues to make his way to Janine's house, but he suddenly bumps into Alfie, who only delays him further.

Finally free to see the results of his handy work, Michael walks into Janine's house expecting to see her dead, but he's shocked when all of a sudden she appears very much alive and well. "Michael, what are you doing here?" Janine asks, as Michael looks at her with confusion. "I was attacked in my own house" Janine tells him, as she plays him at his own game. "Who was it? Who attacked you?" he asks, as Janine smirks in amusement, "Well, it was you of course" she coldly replies. Confronting her husband about his plans, Janine tells him she tried to be reasonable but he's left her no choice, as she plans to frame him for attempted murder. But Michael's horrified when he learns Janine's known about his plans for days, "It was Alice" Janine tells him. "She just couldn't bring herself to poison an innocent woman," she continues, as she begins to ring the police. "You were gonna' kill me!" Janine screams, "You sent her over here to poison me!"

"I love you, I love you in my own way!" Michael insists, but Janine doesn't fall for his lies. An apprehensive Alice suddenly appears, and finally gets a backbone and stands up for herself. "You destroyed me!" she tells him, as she admits she doesn't know what to do, "I just want a normal life!" she says, as Michael leans in to kiss her. Hearing the sirens, a frustrated Michael runs upstairs to Scarlett's room, but finds the cot empty, barging into Janine's door, he begins to cry when he realises he won't see his daughter before he's arrested.

Running downstairs, he screams at Janine for the key to her room. As the police begin to knock on the door, Michael grabs Janine by the neck and begins strangling her, but Alice picks up a knife and stabs him straight in the chest! Before running to open the door to the police.

A terrified Janine stands and watches as Michael picks himself up from the floor, very much uninjured from the knife. As both of them eye up the knife on the floor, only one will survive...

Janine gets there first, and stabs Michael in the stomach, killing him instantly. As Alice and the police get to the kitchen, they spot Janine crying over Michael dead's body.

Bye Bye Michael Moon! But will Janine own up to the murder? Or will she blame Alice?

Shehnaz Khan has been watching EastEnders for as long as she can remember. Shehnaz likes to think she has never missed a single episode of her favourite soap within the last ten years, but is unsure that this is the case. Ultimately, Shehnaz would love to live in Walford if it really existed. Follow Shehnaz on Twitter.

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