EastEnders: Cindy Junior is revealed to be pregnant - And TJ is the dad

Elsewhere, Sadie finally discovers Jake and Lauren's affair and leaves her husband

20 January 2014: In 'EastEnders', Max Branning is furious when he discovers Jake might have got Lauren pregnant, storming through the door, Max pushes him against the wall before Lauren and Carol finally catch up and hold him off.

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"Now she's pregnant you're gonna' walk away?" Max says, as Jake reels in shock, but Lauren soon sets the record straight, "I'm not pregnant!" she says, just as Bella appears on the stairs. "You need to go," Jake says, but Max tells him he needs to know the truth. Just before things get heated, a tearful Sadie walks in - she's overheard the whole thing. "You cheated on me, with her?" Sadie asks, "I'm sorry," Lauren interrupts, before her and Max leave the couple alone to talk. Will their relationship survive?

Meanwhile, Liam, Cindy and TJ are walking home, whilst Cindy comments about her perfect man when flicking through a magazine. Noticing his friend's interest in Cindy, TJ immediately tries to warn him off, "You're wasting your time with her, could do a lot better," he says. But what is TJ really hiding?

Jake and Sadie are finding it difficult to talk, "I need to explain, it's not what you think," Jake says, but Sadie doesn't want to hear his excuses, despite this, Jake explains how he met Lauren when he and Sadie was on a break. "But she just kept coming back for more," Jake insists, starting to cry, "She understands me!" Jake shouts, "I've put my life on hold for you, and why?" Sadie says, before telling her husband that he's pathetic. "You have the nerve to tell me she understands you?" Sadie says, as Jake begins to sob, but Sadie has made her decision, "I hope she was worth it," she says, as she walks out on their marriage.

Later on, Lauren and Max pay Jake a visit and find him about to drink alcohol, "You're stronger than this! Don't! Please!" Lauren begs, before Jake tells them to get out, but before they can move Jake's thrown the glass bottle at the wall where it shatters, cutting Lauren's face. Touching blood, Lauren storms out as Max grabs Jake in anger, "Pathetic!" he says, as he runs after his daughter.

Meanwhile, at the Jackson household, TJ has discovered Liam in the kitchen, "So, Whitney's up the duff?" he asks, "Apparently not, she lied," Liam says, as he ponders over dialling Cindy Juniors's number to tell her his true feelings. Meanwhile, Cindy has just received a text from an unseen number, "Need 2 CU," it reads. Heading outside into the night, Cindy comes face-to-face with TJ, not Liam, on the swings. "So, what was so important?" she asks, "They found your stupid pregnancy test, " TJ replies, "So what we gonna' do about it?" he asks, revealing he's the father of Cindy's baby.

What will Liam say?

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