EastEnders: Derek Branning revealed as Kat's secret lover – Daily TV round-up

Months of speculation ended over who Kat has been cheating with

Derek Branning has been revealed as Kat Moon's secret lover in 'EastEnders', ending months of speculation over her infidelity.

In dramatic scenes, Alfie, played by Shane Richie, discovered his wife's bedsit love nest before piecing together that it was one of the Branning brothers that was going behind his back.

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Showdown... Alfie discovers Kat's love nest (Copyright: BBC)

The showdown then happened in the Queen Vic, with Kat finally revealing that it was in fact Derek Branning, played by Jamie Foreman, who she has been sleeping with.

“We find out why later on. I think it’s because Derek is the total polar opposite of Alfie,” Richie told the Radio Times.

“She’s attracted to danger. Back in the day it was Andy Hunter. Alfie is anything but. You know exactly where Alfie is going to be the next day. You know Alfie’s going to love you in a year’s time. You know Alfie will do anything for you.

“Maybe it’s the reverse of that situation – keep ‘em mean to keep ‘em keen. Alfie doesn’t do that. He doesn’t buy into that. He believes in honesty. He believes in treating every woman like a princess. And that’s what he did with Kat.

“She’s used to danger, she’s used to excitement. What she got from Alfie was the fairytale, what she wanted was the nightmare.”

The events will lead up to a shocking climax on Christmas Day, in which it is rumoured that Derek will be killed off at the hands of his own brother Max after making a shocking discovery. [Radio Times/Daily Mail]

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