Downton viewers angered by 'sick and sensationalist' plot - Daily TV round-up

Nigel Harman's new character causes a stir among fans.

Viewers of 'Downton Abbey' have reacted angrily to the latest twist in the series, aired in last night's episode.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead...

Fans of the show, who were informed of 'violent scenes' before the episode began at 9pm, were shocked to see maid Anna Bates, played by Joanne Froggart, attacked by new character Mr Green, Lord Gillingham's valet played by Nigel Harman.

After trying to force himself on her, Green punches the maid in the face, knocking her to the ground, before appearing to sexually assault her.

The remainder of the scene took place behind closed doors but screams and sounds of further beating could be heard as the scene cut between the assault and a performance by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa singing at a party upstairs in the house.

The episode concluded with Anna excusing her injuries as being caused by an accident.

The plot twist has been described as 'sick and sensationalist' by fans.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “For ~family drama~ Downton Abbey to use violence against women as a plot point is morally reprehensible.

“I can’t support Julian Fellowes in depicting rape in a show that treats missing tuxedo shirts as a major crisis.”

Others described the dramatic turn of events as 'sick and sensationalist'.

Harman had previously said that Green, a valet, has 'no redeeming qualities' and is likely to 'stir things up'.

A twist in the show was rumoured last week, after ITV withheld previews of the show usually given out to reviewers before the show airs.

When the channel has taken this tack previously, it's been to prevent spoilers such as the death of Lady Sybill in series three and Matthew Crawley in the Christmas special. [Daily Mail]

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