Downton Abbey: Where is Michael Gregson?

After it looked like things might finally be improving in Lady Edith's romantic life with editor Michael Gregson, he seems to have vanished.

*Contains spoilers from series 4* Lady Edith isn't exactly doing well on the romance front. Each of her relationship attempts have failed miserably. It was exciting then when Charles Edwards joined the 'Downton Abbey' cast as her editor Michael Gregson. The chemistry between the pair was instant but Lady Edith soon discovered his dark secret - that he was, in fact, already married to a mentally ill person locked away in a hospital.

Michael assured Lady Edith that his feelings for her were pure and he did want to make an honest woman out of her and become her husband. To do this, he had plans to become a German citizen as German's - unlike Brits - were allowed to divorce their wives in such situations. Michael Gregson seemed to finally be Lady Edith's knight in 1920s armour and she finally succumbed to his charms early on in the series.

I always felt a sort of dark cloud over Michael and Lady Edith's blossoming love affair, especially considering how near they are to the outbreak of World War II and all that came before it in Germany. Even if it somehow all worked out OK and Michael managed to divorce his wife and marry Lady Edith, it would only be a matter of years before the troubles began in Europe and they would inevitably be caught up in yet another war.

Yet somehow, since arriving in Germany, Michael Gregson has disappeared off the face of the earth. Lady Edith has been assured that he did arrive and did check in to where he was staying but he hasn't been heard of since. His office have sent private investigators to track him down to no avail and she has received some other rather startling news in the interim.

Lady Edith's mother has also assured her that if something bad had happened to him - if he'd been attacked or hurt in any way - it would have been reported. His absence, therefore, is far more baffling.

The question remains then, will there be a valid explanation for his disappearance (if we ever find out where he is that is!) or is something far more sinister happening over in Germany? Perhaps something has happened to his wife or he has been imprisoned for some unknown reason and is unable to communicate with anyone. It seems unlikely but Downton never fails to shock its viewers. Or is the explanation quite simply that after it seemed Michael Gregson might finally give Lady Edith her 'happy ending', he is, in fact, a bad guy who has been playing her all along. I sincerely hope not.

Where do you think Michael has gone?

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