Downton Abbey: Series 4 episode 2. Downton's future is decided!

It's Sunday night and that makes it 'Downton Abbey ' night on ITV. Things got off to a promising start last week, so I was excited to see what this latest episode would bring and whether or not it would live up to my expectations.

Things have slowed in pace a little again, which isn't surprising as the series can't be made of entirely high drama moments. It still manages to flow well however and several new storylines are set in motion as the older ones like Thomas's meddling and the arrival of Edna Braithwaite, continue to flourish and evolve.

Anna showed again tonight, just why she's one of my favourite characters when she offers Mr Mosley some money to help him through his debts, he politely declines but you can tell he's embarrassed and far too proud a man to take anything from Anna and Bates. When Anna comments that seeing Mosley so beaten down is upsetting her, Mr Bates tells her that he 'won't allow that' and eventually manages to fool everyone in to thinking that Mosley had once leant him some money and forgotten all about it, handing over thirty pounds, enough to get him out of debt.

Lady Mary receives a letter from Matthew, it was written before he died and states that he wants to leave everything he has to her, naming her as his heiress. Richard says that it's not a real will and everyone can see that he's really just a little bit bitter that he's not in full control of the estate. It's time to start learning how to share! He isn't a fan of change but it looks as though unless Richard swallows his pride a little bit, he may end up impacting Downton's future in a negative way rather than a positive.

Lady Edith is another firm favourite of mine. I love her strength of character, her thoughtfulness towards others and her bold outfit choices are something that always catch my eye lately. This week's pop of colour, compared to some of the darker tones of the rest of the cast, really made her stand out from the crowd. The fashion throughout 'Downton Abbey' episodes is always stunning though, so it's hard to choose the best. Lady Mary is clearly a leader in the style stakes with her almost Gothic , long and dramatic gowns. It's been great to see Rose adding a little more youthful fashion and showcasing life outside of Downton more than ever before in the process, especially during her night out to York, accompanied by Anna.

Branson takes Lady Mary under his wing and asks for her honest opinions on the running of Downton and how they should deal with the death taxes. Robert is adamant that they should sell land to pay for it, but Tom clearly disagrees.

It is later revealed before dinner that Mary owns half of the estate and that Matthew's letter is enough to allow her this. She's determined that she won't be silenced with regards to the running of the place either and I think Robert is slowly realising that he could have to loosen his grip on the reigns, or he and Mary will soon be fighting like cat and dog!

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