Downton Abbey: Anna struggles to cope after her brutal assault by Mr Green

13 October 2013: After the uproar of last weeks episode and its shocking plot twist, Sunday's 'Downton Abbey' begins with Anna keen to keep her terrifying rape at the hands of Mr Green a secret. Mr Bates presses for information about Anna's 'fall' but Mrs Hughes, who knows exactly what happened, keeps quiet as Anna has instructed. Anna later cruelly tells a concerned Mr Bates "we're in eachother's pockets. We live together and we work together. Sometimes I think it's all too much" when he presses her again for more information. Poor Bates!

Lord Gillingham and Mr Green leave Downton and say their farewells. Mr Green looks far too smarmy and pleased with himself that he's gotten away with his assault. I really do hope that he gets his comeuppance soon.

Edna tells Tom that she needs to know he'll make her his wife if it turns out she's pregnant after their night together. This is obviously what she's been planning all along. Tom is clearly well out of his depth this series. He turns to everyone's favourite source of support, Mrs Hughes to confide in about everything that has happened.

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Anna also confides in Mrs Hughes and tells her that she can't bear to be touched by Bates. She feels dirty and not good enough for him now and can't bear to tell him what happened as she knows him well enough by now, to realise that he'll end up straight back in prison for extracting his revenge on Green. She asks for a room in Downton so that she doesn't have to sleep with Mr Bates. This is going to be very confusing for him, no matter what her reasons for doing it really are.

In London, Lord Gillingham has cancelled his plans because he wanted to see Lady Mary again. He's certainly keen! Plans are made to attend a dance and Mary tells Gillingham that she's glad he came. She also drops in the fact that he's told her he's almost engaged to be married and that she's not ready for that for a few years yet, following Matthew's sudden death.

Rose finds herself in the arms of singer Jack Ross when her dance partner gets drunk and leaves her alone on the dance floor. She's quickly dragged away by the rest of the family, but there's definitely a spark between these two.

Lord Gillingham arrives back at 'Downton Abbey' after having only just left Mary five minutes ago in London! He proposes to her and tells her that they could be so good together and that he can't stop thinking about her. He doesn't bring his valet Mr Green with his this time though, much to Anna's relief.

Edna Braithwaite's plan doesn't quite go as she'd expected when Mrs Hughes forces her to confess that she's not pregnant. This scene really showed off Mrs Hughes important role in the running of the house and the scene following this, with Thomas and Edna's little showdown and catty snipes proved just as entertaining!

Carson and Mrs Hughes share a tender moment once again as she gives him a framed picture of his sweetheart to keep on his desk. Their friendship seems to grow stronger with every episode we watch. They make such wonderful friends and are always there to support one another. I wonder if this is building to some bigger storyline involving the two of them though?

Mary tells Lord Gillingham that Matthew consumes her thoughts and that she can't accept his proposal. He asks for one kiss so that he can remember how in love he felt in this moment, before saying his goodbyes. I for one am glad that she said no, they didn't exactly have any sparkling chemistry together!

Fans have been quick to complain about the show's lack of pace this series. What did you think of this week's Downton Abbey?

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