Doctor Who writers fix regeneration problem

Time Lord should only regenerate 12 times

Steven Moffat is currently re-writing a 'Doctor Who' bylaw that only allows the Time Lord to regenerate twelve times.

Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, has confirmed that Steven Moffat is currently hard at work on a script that will allow the character to regenerate long into the future.

Davison told The Telegraph, "I know people are worried about it, but I think there will be a way around that rule. I know that Steven has put in the groundwork already in an episode so that there can be more."

The problem began back in 1976 when Robert Holmes, a 'Doctor Who' writer for over a decade, noted in his script for 'The Deadly Assassin' that the Doctor is only able to regenerate 12 times.

Of course, by doing this, Holmes unwittingly brought an end date to the world's longest running sci-fi show.

The Time Lord's 12th regeneration will occur when Matt Smith's Doctor regenerates into Peter Capaldi during the upcoming Christmas special, which should mean that the Scottish actor will be the last thespian to ever play the part.

Moffat's decision to change the Doctor's regeneration cycle is set to cause uproar.

Fans remain divided over whether the character should be allowed to regenerate more than 12 times, and some have even stated that they will abandon the show if it breaks this infamous law.

Previously though, the Doctor's great rival, The Master, who is also a Time Lord, has been able to bend the rules to be able to consistently return to try and thwart his nemesis.

In 1981's 'The Keeper of Traken' he takes possession of another body as his regenerative cycle comes to an end, while in 'The Five Doctors' the High Council of the Time Lords give him a brand new cycle of regenerations as they need his help.

Either way, controversy will engulf Capaldi's regeneration when it eventually occurs, but considering that he hasn't even appeared on screen in the role yet, can we not just enjoy his tenure first?

Do you think 'Doctor Who' should end after 12 regenerations?

Gregory Wakeman is a Doctor Who nerd whose favourite Time Lord is Christopher Eccleston. The simple fact that he's northern swings it.

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