Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi might just star in 13 episodes

Steven Moffat reveals actor only has a year-long contract

Peter Capaldi has only just signed up to replace Matt Smith in 'Doctor Who,' but he might not be sticking around for too long, according to the show's creator, Steven Moffat.

The Scottish scribe has admitted that Capaldi is only on a year long contract, which will be extended if both parties deem fit.

Capaldi was hand picked by Moffat to replace Smith as the beloved Time Lord, and 'The Thick Of It' comedian will inherit the role during the show's Christmas episode, while Moffat confirmed "cameras are now rolling" on the festive instalment.

According to the Express, Moffat has teased that Capaldi's incarnation of the Doctor will have "the best ever entrance into the TARDIS." He will then star in two series of six episodes, and after his debut efforts, Moffat, Capaldi and the BBC will then decide whether to keep him on, or not.

Moffat even revealed why he went with the 55-year-old actor, who is 24-years-older than the man he is replacing, which suggests that the show is about to go through a monumental shift in tone.

"We couldn't have had another quirky young man because Matt had nailed the part," admitted Moffat. "Peter's already a bit of a national treasure, an incredibly skilled, fine actor. As most people have realised, the moment you think of him in the part, you find it hard to think of anyone else."

However, he is adamant that the change won't be too substantial, reassuringly noting, "I sympathise with the kids who have grown up with Matt. It's like when you move home and your mum and dad say, 'You'll make new friends.' I always resented the intruder, but then after a while I forgot there had been one before him."

Meanwhile, Moffat confirmed that Capaldi, who as a teenager wrote to the Radio Times about the Doctor Who, always sought him out at events to chat about the show.

He recanted, "Every time I was at a TV do and Peter was there, he'd come over to talk about Doctor Who and he was the first to congratulate Matt."

This lead Moffat to first consider him for the part, with the writer admitting, "I started thinking, 'What if that genius actor might actually say yes?'"

If Capaldi does leave after just one season of Doctor Who, he will follow in Christopher Eccleston's footsteps, as the Mancunian thespian only played the role for one year, in 2005.

Personally, I think the time was right for Doctor Who to alter a tad, and Capaldi will not only be delightfully grandiose as the character, but he'll also bring humour, maturity and a sternness to him too, which might also be a bit campy too.

Are you excited for Peter Capaldi's tenure as the Doctor?

Gregory Wakeman is a Doctor Who buff whose favourite incarnation of the character is Christopher Eccleston's 9th Time Lord. Only because he's northern.

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