Doctor Who fans petition to turn Empire State Building TARDIS blue

In homage to the TARDIS

New York based Doctor Who fans have created a petition to turn the Empire State Building TARDIS blue to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary.

NY SciFi & Fantasy, which is based in the Big Apple, authored the petition, and they are now calling on the show's legion of fans to help make their dream turn into a reality.

Brazenly entitled, "Petition to light up the Empire State Building TARDIS blue on November 23rd to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!," the website adds that it "wants to bring NYC to The Doctor to celebrate," his anniversary.

The petition starts, "This is the first time a SciFi show has lasted 50 years. It's a landmark occasion," before adding, "The Doctor has visited NYC many times over the years."

In recent years the Doctor has popped up across the pond to help out slave pigs, battle Weeping Angels, and to even say bye to two of his closest allies.

NYSciFi's appeal concludes, "We are attempting to partner with the Empire State Building ( to make this happen. Help show just how popular this show is by signing the petition and sharing the link. Spread the word via facebook, Twitter, or any way you can! Allons-y!"

Their petition has amassed over 6,250 signatures from 73 different countries so far, which means they are edging ever closer to their target of 10,000 names.

What are you doing to celebrate the Doctor's 50th anniversary?

Gregory Wakeman is a Doctor Who nerd whose favourite Time Lord is Christopher Eccleston. The simple fact that he's northern swings it.

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