Doctor Who: What can we expect from the Time Lord’s 50th anniversary episode?

'Doctor Who's' 50th anniversary episode will be broadcast on 23rd November 2013, exactly five decades to the day after the original Time Lord made his debut on the Beeb.

Now the more astute individuals who are reading will have figured out that this decadent spectacular is still over seven months away, but the secrecy that is surrounding the episode has lead Whovians around the globe to bang their collective minds together in order to guess about what it may entail.

So, what have they found out?

A quick warning, if you want to avoid any possible spoilers, it's probably best if you duck out right now. I understand.

We already know that both David Tennant and Billie Piper will be starring together once again as the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler respectively, and it has also been announced that the duo, Math Smith's Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman's Clara Oswald will do battle with the Zygons too.

Plus, John Hurt and Joanna Page will be feature as characters that are yet to be announced, the latter of which could be Elizabeth I, whilst Jemma Redgrave will reprise her role as Kate Stewart, the daughter of the legendary Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, after starring in 2012's The Power of Three.

Smith also teased during a recent TV interview that "paintings" would be involved in some way, and filming has already taken place in London's Trafalgar Square too.

But what else do we know? Well, despite earlier speculation to the contrary, it has been confirmed by Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor, that none of the previous incarnations before Doctor Who's reboot will be returning. Even though another of the episode's guest stars, Ingrid Oliver, was pictured wearing a Tom Baker scarf just days ago.

Christopher Eccleston, the tenth Doctor, has also declined the opportunity to feature too, but this conclusion was only reached after extensive talks with Moffat.

None of these revelations are too surprising though. The earlier Doctors look a bit too different than they did in their respective days due to the rigours of age, and Eccleston has always looked to, respectfully, distance himself from the show since he left it in 2005.

Of course, don't be surprised to see Moffat wangle him on screen at the last minute though. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he does too, because let's face it; it would be awesome to see Tennant, Smith and Eccleston all in one frame together.

The Zygons might have also triggered Tennant's decision to return, as the actor once hailed the shapeshifters as his favourite old-school monster. Their only previous appearance in the show came in 1975's Terror of the Zygons, where they threatened to use the Loch Ness Monster to destroy an energy conference in London, only to be foiled by Tom Baker's fourth Doctor.

They have remained hugely popular ever since, while Stewart's Brigadier also harks back to yesteryear's Doctors as her father was always regarded as a loyal and worth Earth ally for the Time Lord.

At the moment though, everything else has been kept solidly under wraps.

Personally, I'd adore to see clips from the Last Great Time War feature. Or maybe Timothy Dalton's Time Lord leader Rassilon can pop up. Or what about a showing from David Morrissey's Jackson, or John Simm's Master?

There's just too much to look forward to.

What do you want to see in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode?