Doctor Who: Clara gets a Victorian makeover

Jenna Coleman appeared in Cardiff in full Victorian costume

After following 'Doctor Who' filming around Cardiff, I was lucky enough to nab some picture of the lovely Jenna Coleman after a decidedly Victorian makeover.

If you've been following the production of the upcoming 'Doctor Who' Series 8, you'll already be aware that we're being treated to another Victorian episode… as well as another appearance from The Paternoster Gang. But while we've seen Capaldi out and about in his flowing Victorian pyjamas, no-one has encountered the new, Victorian Clara.

That is, until now…

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After waiting several days to snap some behind-the-scenes photos of Peter Capaldi, I was lucky enough to encounter the lovely Jenna Coleman heading to the set in full Victorian costume… even if it was slightly obscured by a rather heavy-duty coat.

And I have to admit, she looks rather lovely.

Offering our first glimpse at Clara's Victorian outfit, Jenna Coleman was accompanied onto the set by the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. And with show runner Steven Moffat out on location, it looks as though this is an episode to look forward to.

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Sporting a beautiful green dress and appropriate hairdo, Jenna certainly looks the part… and the chemistry between the new Doctor and his faithful assistant is already starting to show. I was lucky enough to chat with them briefly before they headed inside for another take. And it's clear that they're already enjoying working together.

Of course, those touching scenes in Cardiff yesterday show the start of an incredible new relationship between the Doctor and Clara. And while little is known about the upcoming series, it looks as though we can look forward to a very different Doctor. But will Clara be able to handle the "100% Rebel Doctor"? For now, we'll have to wait and see.

What do you think of Clara's Victorian costume? Will Clara and the Doctor be as close as they were? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Ryan Leston is a sci-fi geek from Cardiff who loves Doctor Who… and even owns his own scarf. His favourite Doctor was David Tennant and he'd love to see John Barrowman back on the TARDIS. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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