Dexter: Oliver Saxon kills off a main character, but which one?

Season Eight Episode Ten: Goodbye Miami Review

15th September 2013: Last week's episode of Dexter revealed that Oliver Saxon was in fact Daniel Vogel, the Brain Surgeon. A shocking revelation that was shocking insofar that everyone saw it coming. This week's episode sees everyone devolve into 'Scooby Doo' style idiocy.

I really don't know what the writer's think they've been doing this season, I'm actually baffled. I praised the Vogel character because it looked like she was laying in the shadow's that she was hiding something and was orchestrating events, I believed that the writers had a plan for her character, and ultimately the overlying season but all that belief has been thrown back in my face.

I know it sounds like I'm being overly harsh and emotional about this but seriously the writers are getting lazy, or are just plain bad. Don't believe me the line "Can I talk to you" was said 23 times this episode. It appears that quality, consistency and logic are thrown out of the window with all of Dexter's potential for almost cartoon-esque character motivation, exemplified by the fact that almost everyone in this episode does something woefully stupid.

Not only are we still getting scenes of Masuka's daughter and Quinn and Jamie's irrelevant romance, but we're getting uncharacteristic stupidity. Do you remember Debra having dinner with Hannah, the woman who once tried to poison and kill her. Well it gets much much worse. Hannah walks around hiding from Elway and Marshall Clayton in a house full of windows that almost everyone in Florida walks past whilst in absolutely no disguise at all.

But then the red herring that was Harrison hurting himself on the treadmill (causing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief that one of their faves wouldn't actually die and it was all just a hilarious toddler-treadmill incident) lead to Hannah rushing him to the hospital in plain view of everyone, pretending to be Debra. This is after Clayton overhears Dexter shouting to everyone who's anyone that he's suddenly leaving the force to go to Argentina and it doesn't take long for Clayton to discover that Hannah had taken Dexter's son to hospital. So he'll be dead soon then.

Dexter also invents a magic computer hack to get onto Saxon's computer, but instead of using that to discover where he is, or anything useful at all, decides to just take the video of Zach Hamilton getting murdered, because obviously all serial killers film their kills. He also forgets that he can pick locks and basically is becoming as useless as Shaggy from 'Scooby Doo' is.

However that pales in comparison to Dr. Vogel having breakfast with her prodigal murdering son, then trying to convince Dexter not to kill him, then agreeing to help Dexter kill him, and then meekly getting her throat slit in a scene that was supposed to invoke the memory of his mother's murder in Dexter, but just fell flat, putting an end to any dynamism that Vogel had at the start of the season by not even giving her departing dialogue. There are two episodes left and this is what they come up with?

I'm so furious that a show based on a serial killer that was one of my favourites is being reduced to this, in the end the true serial killers of the season are the shows writers, as they seem determined to remove any possible form of climax or drama from the final season of 'Dexter'. And like all serial killers, I won't be happy until they end up on Dexter's slab.

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