Delia Smith quits TV – Daily TV round-up

Veteran cook has been on screens for over 40 years, but blames BBC's focus on entertainment for departure

Delia Smith is to quit making TV shows, she has revealed.

The 71-year-old has said that she is no longer interested in making programmes because of the BBC's requirement for cooking shows to provide entertainment.

Delia... quitting TV for online tutorials (Copyright: Rex)

“This is the end when it comes to Delia on the telly,” she said.

“When I started, there was further education in the BBC. Now you have to entertain. You have someone telling me I haven’t got time to show this, or I haven’t got time to show that.

When asked whether she might reconsider for the right offer, she added: “No. As soon as my Waitrose contract ended, the BBC called me up and said 'what can we do?' And I said 'no, thank you'.”

Instead, the veteran cook and Norwich City shareholder will concentrate on producing online cooking tutorials.

“This is the future for me and the population. It’s miles ahead,” she said.

It emerged recently that she had been dropped 'by mutual agreement' from the Waitrose adverts, while Fat Duck founder Heston Blumenthal will continue to be the face of the upscale supermarket chain.

Smith has been a fixture on UK TV for over 40 years, and has sold more than 21 million books.

She is also famed for the 'Delia effect', when supermarkets run short of a particular ingredient because of its use in one of her recipes.

It's thought that she caused a national cranberry shortage in 1995. [Daily Telegraph]

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