Daybreak: X-Factor winner Sam Bailey on the sofa

Newly crowned champion talks about the experience

There was only one person who 'Daybreak' wanted to have on the couch during today's episode. Sam Bailey is currently one of the most famous people in the country, after the talented singer carried off the title in the tenth series of the 'X-Factor'. Bailey spoke about the experience and her hopes for the future in a lengthy interview.

Lorraine Kelly stated firstly that she was surprised Sam was still able to sing after all the commotion which is involved with winning the 'X-Factor'. Bailey replied that she felt fine, although the whole experience of winning the 'X-Factor' just felt really bizarre, and that at the moment her reality felt like a parallel universe.

The showbiz reporter of 'Daybreak', Sam Wootton, opined that Bailey may be the greatest talent ever to come through the 'X-Factor' given that she'd won eight of her ten weeks on the programme. The footage shown of Bailey singing during the programme certainly proved that she's well capable of belting out a tune.

Bailey stated that she'd been "really, really close" to Nicky McDonald throughout the whole competition, and that he deserved to have been in the final having won two weeks of the show as well. She also said that she felt that no matter what happens she felt that she had won already because reaching the final was in her eyes a massive achievement.

Aside from the pride of winning the 'X-Factor', Bailey now has the incredible opportunity of supporting Beyonce in concert. She joked that she was not a very good dancer, so she had no idea how this would work out. She was extremely pleased, although also a little daunted, that her single was already out and her album would be following shortly.

Simon Cowell had tweeted already that he fully endorsed the decision of the public, and Leona Lewis had also congratulated Sam Bailey on her victory.

All of Sam's family are apparently coping okay thus far with her newfound fame. All of her kids had been particularly excited to see her after she won the contest, and she said that the children had been extremely mature and patient throughout the whole process, but are looking forward "to getting their mummy back for a few days." She also proclaimed her husband, Craig, for looking after the kids while she was away winning the 'X-Factor'.

Sam also stated that when she began the 'X-Factor' her confidence and self-esteem had actually been very low, and the whole process had undoubtedly had a positive effect on her. It seems she has a bright future ahead of her.

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